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Tzuyu's POV

"You two! 9 hours, 28 minutes and 18 seconds late!"

I rolled my eyes mentally, so what?

I'm always late .

"I'm sorry director!" Chaeng said , I just looked at him and he stared at me like waiting for me to say something .

"You must be Chou Tzuyu?" he asked , I just nodded , he smiled , I don't know but I feel something strange about that smile, like he's planning to do something?

Oh I know I'm pretty handsome

"Where is your form?" He asked again, I handed him my forms also Chaeng did the same

"You both will be handled by your seniors, you will meet them later." He said , we nodded and salute .

"Yes sir!" We said in unison.

"Proceed to the oval, now!"

"Sir yes Sir!" Chaeng said , they both looked at me since I stayed quite

"Sir...yes sir!" I shyly turned away and walked together with Chaeng

"Woah, he's so creepy, I think I should behave here!" Chaeng said that made me giggle.

"Yeah right!" I responded.

While walking to the oval I saw the trainees like me who's doing their daily routine maybe

Squatting , jumping , jogging , push ups and other types of military exercises.

There's also trainees that were holding a guns.

But their is someone who caught my eyes that made me stopped from walking

Chaeng stopped also and looked at me .

"Why?" he asked

But I just ignored his question.

I saw the girl walking towards us. She's so disciplined while walking, she looks hot with her military uniform.

I was stuck!

Am I seeing things right?

"Oh , seems like you got your jackpot, tzu!"

I smirked.

"Newbies?" She asked and stopped in front of me.

"Yes!" Chaeng answered

She glance at me and half a smile .

Damn , so sexy

"I'm Minatozaki Sana , your senior and I'll be handling you for your 100 days military training here in the academy!"

My eyes fell down, oops too exaggerated.

"So you both should follow all my instruction and commandments, if not? I have the right to punish you weather you have your acceptable reasons or haven't."

She smirked that gave me shivers.

She's my senior , so its easy for me to be closed with her.

"So being RUDE I hate the most!" When she said those , she looked at me and smiled.

"Understood?!" She asked ,

I can't say anything, I can't take off my eyes to her.

She's so pretty and hot with her uniform.

I think I messed with this girl!

"I said understood?!" She shouted at me


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