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My Pov

"Nayu-ssi... Wake up... "

Sana tried her very best to hold back her tears while waking up Nayu. Nayu slowly opened her eyes and smiled.

"mom! Good morning, where's daddy? " she asked and suddenly Tzuyu jumped on her bed making her laugh. "daddy is here! Tell me where do you wanna go, we'll go everywhere if that's what my princess wanted to. Come on! " Tzuyu said and kissed Nayu's head for almost 30 seconds.

Nayu jumped out of excitement and hugged her dad.

"Really?! Dad I want to go to the beach, please? " Nayu pouted that made Sana and Tzuyu giggled and hugged her. The tears that Sana tried to hold on to, betrayed her. But good thing Nayu didn't notice it.

"hmm. Just make sure my princess will be happy and enjoy. " he stated and stood up. "Now get ready so we can go early. " he added and pulled Sana's hand with him. As they walked inside their room, he immediately hugged Sana tightly.

And there Sana cried.

"I'm... A-afraid babe..." Sana sobbed while saying it. Tzuyu rubbed her back and kissed her head gently. "Shh... Don't be...be strong. Let's be strong for her. "Sana gripped on Tzuyus shirt and Tzuyu pulled her into a deep kiss.

"Let's get ready now. " Tzuyu said as he pulled out. Sana smiled and mouthed 'I love you' to him.

"I love you too. "


"Wow! Daddy I love this place, the view is too beautiful. " Nayu screamed while turning around mesmerising the view. Tzuyu pulled out his phone and took a video of Nayu.

"But Nayu-ssi and Sana-ssi is more beautiful than the view! " Tzuyu said and that made Sana blushed. He giggled and hugged Sana's waist.

"Oh! Aunt nayeon, jihyo, Mina, Momo?! Uncle chaeng ,Dahyun, and Jungyeon?! " she quickly run to them and gave them a kissed. Yuri and Riyu followed her and did the same thing.

Tzuyu intertwined her hands to Sana and they walked together with a smile that plastered on their faces.

"Come here my favourite Nayu-ssi! " Nayeon said and hugged her tightly Nayu giggled and hugged back.

Sana and Tzuyu sat on the sand while hugging eachother.

"Babe... I just wanna say sorry again for what happened and for what pathetic things I have said. " Sana said while biting her lips. Tzuyu smiled and smells her hair. "forget it. We're facing another challenge Sana. And this is not just an ordinary challenge so I want you to be strong. Just be strong, Okay? " Tzuyu caress Sana's hand, a tear fell down to her but he quickly wipe  it.

"Don't ever cry in front of her. Please. Cry it when your alone or let's just cry together. "

Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Jihyo Mina Dahyun and Chaeng wiped their tears too and battled with their emotions. They know what's happening and as a friend and like a mother and father to Nayu when Tzuyu is not around and Sana were busy working make them feel sad.

Nayu is not just an ordinary and typical girl for them. She became a part of their life's. Everytime Sana will left her to them their energy lighten up, she's a girl every parents wanted to have. And they can't imagine their life's without an angel like her.

"Nayu-ssi, don't play too much Okay? " nayeon said while putting a sunblock to Nayu's body while the other were just looking at her who's staring at her brothers.

"Noona! Let's swim now! " Yuri shouted while running towards her and pulled her hands. Nayu laugh the same with them. "Noona want some kiss first!" Nayu pouted while pointing her lips. Riyu then run towards them too and kissed her immediately.

"I want to marry Noona when we got older! " Riyu shouted and that made everyone laugh, Sana shook her head while slapping Tzuyus legs. Tzuyu just laugh while hugging Sana's waist.

"Me too! " Yuri said and kissed Nayu's lips. Nayu giggled and hugged her brothers.

"Nope. I won't allow the both of you to marry me. Cause I will going to marry daddy. Right dad?! " Nayu asked while turning her head to her parents. Sana pouted as soon as Tzuyu agreed.

"Then we'll going to marry mom Yuri! " Riyu said and run towards Sana and Tzuyu. Nayu and Yuri did the same.

"How great the view is, guys? I just hope nothing bad will happen. " jihyo tried her best not to crack up and she succeeded. Everyone agreed and secretly took a photo of them.

"I can feel how painful it is as a parent even though I have no kids yet. Tzuyu is my best of best friends. I know when he's happy and sad. And I know how strong he is but I know also when he will give up. " Chaeng stated while wiping his tears.

"And I can't stand it seeing them losing one. " he added and cracked up. The rest gulped and turned away while wiping their tears.


"So are they already sleeping? " Jungyeon asked as Tzuyu and Sana sat at the sand. They decided to go overnight and build a tent. They nodded as a response.

"So what are you both going to do now? " jihyo asked. Tzuyu heave a sighed and pressed her lips trying not to cry.

"Nayu can't sleep though. She's afraid she might lack of air again. And a-as a father... I feel helpless..." his voice were cracking but he tried to say it. They all looked down.

"I never expect this challenge will come. But... I will be strong, we'll going to be strong for her. I just need your help. " Sana who's silently listening hugged her husband while sobbing.

"We'll do everything we can Tzu. We're here for your family, we'll going to face it together. Don't worry. " Dahyun cheer them up but it goes wrong. Everyone's eyes filled with tears.

But they stopped when Nayu approach them and hugged her parents immediately.

"Mom... Dad... I'm sorry. I'll be strong too. Don't worry, I will not going to die, I won't leave you all. Because I love you so much. "

"N-nayu-ssi... "

"I love you so much mom.... And dad. "

I decided to update since tomorrow will be a little chaotic. Everyone let's stream what is love MV. I hope you guys knew the plan for this comeback. 7.5 M for 12 hours and 15M in 24 hours. Once twice fighting.

And about Nayu's case. We'll see in the next next chaps 😂


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