17. Kisses

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Tzuyu's POV

"Babe! Wake up! I cooked our breakfast so let's eat!" I tried to wake Sana up almost 15 minutes now but she's too hard to do. Aish! I still want to bring her somewhere. "Sana yaa!" I said and tap her back but I didn't hear any response from her.

"Okay fine! If I can't do this in a nice way, then let me make it in a hard way sana!" I said and smiled seductively though she can't see it since she's sleeping. I went inside her blanket and hugged her back. Damn! She's naked for damn sake! "Sana!" I whispered right to her ears, she stiffened as she feel tickled. I wrapped my hands around her naked body while slowly raising it up to her chest. "Hmm..." She moaned.

I smirked and kissed her shoulders. I slowly went to her top and smiled as she slowly opened her eyes. "Tzuyaa I'm tired, let me rest!" She said so I chuckled. "Did I make you tired last night?!" I asked teasingly she blushed and covered her face using her hands. "You screamed my name endlessly wanting for more sana, now you want another round?" I asked and I started to kissed her her kissable lips. She tried to push me but ended up pulling me more closer to her.

"Tzu...hmm..." She moaned as I moved down to kissed her neck and down to her chest. "Tzuya l-lets eat breakfast n----"

"I'm having my breakfast right now, babe and I want you to scream my name again and again, come on!" I cupped her right breast and suck the other one. She held the blanket so tight like she will tear it if ever she can't control herself anymore.

"Tzu...ahh..." She groaned as I didn't hesitated to insert my finger to her core. "This is what you've got for being stubborn Sana!" I said and inserted another finger while pumping it in and out. "Ahh...b-babe...faster..ahh..."

I kissed her harshly causing her to stiff back. "Tz-mmm...argh..." She screamed as I bit and suck and licked her lips. I taste her blood but instead of getting enough I kissed her more roughly and inserted my manhood to her.

"Argh....ahh tzu...tzuyu!" She screamed as I pumped her so fast. She nailed her arms in my back to make me closer to her. I bit her neck living a marks and kissed her again.

"Tzuya...aah-h I'm...c-cumm...ahh!" I pumped more harder when I felt my orgasms and as we reached our last I kissed her once again and lay down beside her panting. She then hugged me and I hugged her back. "I love you ,Tzuyu!" I suddenly feel the guilt and regrets inside me.

Sana! I'm sorry!

"I love you more Sana! Please, don't forget that huh?" I said and kissed her forehead before we drift to sleep again.

No matter what will happened Sana I swear I'll end up with you!


"Look at here Sana!" I said as I flashed my phone many times to capture the best view of her but no matter what angle she's still perfect. "Yah! Stop taking photos of me, its kinda embarrassing Tzuyu!" She hissed and snatched my phone but I quickly hide it to my pocket. I giggled and held her waist.

"Let's have some walk their!" I said and pointed the Souvenir's stores. She excitedly nodded and pulled me . I smiled secretly, do I deserve this kind of beauty?

"Babe! Take a look at here!" Sana said and showed me a modern hat and a modern glasses. She then wear it to me and grabbed her phone to take photos of me but I looked at the mirror first if I look good so I can smile. Hmm not bad!

"Babe!" She called so I faced her and smiled ear to ear! "Woah! So cute!" She said and pinched my cheeks. "I know! So tell me you love me then?" I pouted that made her laugh in my childish act. "I love you! I love my tzuyu so much! I love you I love you I love you!" She said as she took a video while saying it.

I wanna cry right now, I can't handle this, I maybe burst in to tears anytime.

"Let say it together babe!" She said and grabbed my hands to hugged her waist , I'm still wearing the hat and glasses she put on me. "1.2.3... I love you Sana I love you so much I love you and I will love you and love you..." I stopped when I feel she's staring at me. I looked at her and we battled for a stare. She smiled and mouthed 'I love you' to me.

I kissed her for a seconds and mouthed back my 'I love you' to her.


"I wanna watched sunrise and sunset with you right now babe, can we?" She asked and hugged my waist as we are laying down the sand. The air were so fresh from the ocean making the atmosphere more sweeter.

"Sunset for now yes we can, but sunrise for tomorrow!" I Jokingly said, she giggled. I looked up the sky. The best view ever no the best moment ever in my life.

Watching the sun set with the one you treasured the most in your life. I want this day to be endless. I love her so much that I could swim the deepest ocean just to be with her.

But I was trapped. I can't do anything.

I caresses Sana's hair and started to hummed.

"I've spend half my life looking for the reason things must change and half my life trying to make them stay the same..."

I saw a hint of smile from her lips.

"But love would fade like summer in to fall all that I could see was a mystery it made no sense at all... The will of the wind you feel it and then it will past you blowing steady it comes and it goes and god only knows, you must keep your self's on ready so when it begins get all that you can you must be friend the will of the wind!"

I hugged her so tight and kissed her forehead. "I love you so much Sana, I love you!"

As I said that, a tear fell down my eyes. I don't wanna end this dawn. I love her and in falling more harder.



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