4. Closer

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Tzuyu's POV

Again she moved more closer and her nose touched mine

My knees were trembling, I can't wait anymore.

"But I don't like rude person like you!" She whispered into my ears

What the hell?

She smirked and step back but I held her hand that made her bumped in me .

I smirked too

"I don't care if you don't like rude person... I'll make you mine! So marked that!" I let her go and walked away.

Damn her for kicking my knees , I swear she's going to pay for this!

I went to our dorm and took a bath.

Her nose touched mine , I chuckled

"Soon not only our nose will meet Sana!" I mumbled

After I wore my type B uniform , I went out and I saw Chaeng together with the three seniors.

"Hey!" Jungyeon greeted me

I smiled and called Chaeng

"Mushy! Let's go?" I asked Chaeng , he nodded

We still have military exercises to do. And guess what , I'm going to meet Sana again.

We went to the quadrangle and I'm obviously looking for Sana

"Are you looking for someone?" Jihyo asked , I shook my head

"No! I'm just sightseeing what other trainees do!" I lied

Jihyo nodded, I was surprise when Nayeon clung her arms to mine

This one is feeling close but I just let her

"I forgot to tell you tzu! I'm in charge to train you today."

What? So I'm not going to see Sana?

"What? Sana is in charge for the both of us!" I pointed Chaeng , she shook her head.

"She's your captain for the whole 100 days but everyday their will be a senior that will be in charge to train each trainees, except..."

She paused that made me curious.

"Except what?" I irritatedly asked.

"She will voluntarily train you!"

Voluntary? Well , not bad.

I sigh and nodded

"So shall we start now?" I asked

"Warm up yourself first, then run to the whole quadrangle , 20 push ups and run back again!"

My eyes literally widened, the fudge with this exercises.

"What? This is not an exercise. This is a punishment!" I hissed , I'm about to walked out when Chaeng stopped me.

"This is military tzu, so used to it!" he said that made me more irritated

"I don't ca-----"

"Chou Tzuyu! Follow me!" I looked at the one who called me.

I saw Sana looking at me straight to my eyes.

I sigh and follow her.

She stopped in the middle of nowhere.

"Where are we Sana?"  I asked with boredom tone

"What did you call me?" I rolled my eyes mentally, name is not a big deal anyway.

"Sana!" I answered. I walked closer to her.

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