8.Date part1

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Tzuyu's POV

I dialed Sana's number to check her out

It took a minutes before she answered , I smiled and greeted her


I said and sat on my bed

Hmm? Good morning!

I heard her frowned

I said babe! Not good morning!

Yeah yeah babe! Whatever! Why did you call this early?


My god tzuyu! 5 am? Date?

Did I say right now? I just wanna tell you! But I'm bored , meet me at the oval please~~

I put a little cuteness in my voice assuring she will go

Why? Tell me first.

Auh! I just miss you that's why, make it quick!

I ended the call to leave her no choice.

I grabbed my sweater and bonnet then headed to the oval.

I sat down in the grass while waiting for Sana.

After minutes I saw her walking towards me still sleepy

Oh I feel bad for her

I stood up and quickly walked towards her too

I stopped in front of her and hugged her.

"Don't make me feel bad by waking you up so early, I just miss you it's your fault anyway!" I said and lead her to where I sat before

"Yah! I'm sleepy so don't argue with me right now!"

She smiled and hugged my arms feeling the cold air.

I hugged her tight

"You can sleep now!" I said and caress her hair. 

I smelled her scent , dang it so good strawberry mint .

"Sana yaa , youre awake?" I asked while trying to lift her chin up

"Yeah! Why?" She asked back, I smiled and lay down in the grass

"I wanna watch the sunrise with you so open your eyes now!" I commanded and lay her down beside me

"Why not sunset? Its more romantic!" She said and hugged my waist

"There's no sunset in the morning Sana!" I jokingly said and she giggled

"That's not what I mean! Pabo!" She hissed

I laugh a little

"You think sunset is more romantic than sunrise?" I asked

She answered with a hummed

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