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Tzuyu's POV

As Sana fell asleep, I kissed her temple and walk to the terrace. I picked up my phone and dialed Jennie's number, after 2 rings she finally answered.

Jennie! Tell me what happened...

I said more like whispering not to wake them up. I heard her sobs again. I sighed and closed my fist.

I... I saw him... F-fucking her e-ex at her condo... *sob*...tzu...

I groaned silently in pissed. I never thought Lisa can do that.

Fuck him! I'll be there tomorrow, don't stress yourself it will affect your baby, you got that Jennie Kim?

B-but... S-sana...

Shhh I will tell her this tomorrow , just do what I said.

Thank you...

I hunged up the phone and hold the grill tight in anger. I then dialed Jungyeon's number.

Hyung! Look for Lisa tomorrow and book us a flight, we'll going back there!


I hunged up the phone again and mumbled

Ditch your life Lisa! I trusted you for Fuck sake!

I'm about to go back inside when I felt an arm's wrapped around my waist. My heart sting in nervousness. I froze for a meantime but then snapped out.

"I heard everything..."

Now I can feel my knees were trembling as she said it. I turned around and look down, she's sensitive right now and I can tell that I'll be having a hard time saying this.

"Sana ----"

"BABE! "

She corrected and pinch my side while glaring I just chuckled.

"babe... Since you heard everything, I guess you understand if we'll going back to Seoul so sudden, Jennie needs companion and it's only me who should be there for her, babe I hope you won't mind!" I said sincerely and kissed her forehead, I just really hope she would understand, I don't want Jennie to be stress as she will having her labour soon, It will affect the baby's health.

"Hmm, I understand don't worry. I understand the feeling of being alone while carrying your baby in your womb. " she said and smiled a little. It gives me another sting.

I hugged her tight and apologized many times.


"Tzu! Here! "

I looked at our side and I saw Chaeng with Mina, they waved at us and I quickly asked for the key of my car. Chaeng throw it towards me and guided Sana and Nayu to them.

"Babe, go with them for now, I'll be back later! " I said in a hurry and kissed her head, she nodded and stopped me by pulling my shirt closer to her and she smiled weakly as our eyes met.

"What time you'll go home? " she asked and I can see that she's a bit sad. I sighed and kissed her lips ignoring the people passing at the airport.

"I'll be back at dinner! I love you!"

When she let go of my shirt she stepped back and signaled me to go. I quickly run to the parking lot and hop inside my car.

As I arrived to our apartment I didn't hesitate to knock and just opened the door seeing her awfully crying alone at the couch while hugging the pillow.

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