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Tzuyu's POV

"Finally! I'm so damn hell tired!"  Jennie hissed while lying on the couch. I roamed my eyes to my old apartment. Its still look good.

"What are you planning to do now?" She asked , I shrugged my shoulders as I don't really know. "I'll continue my works of coarse and I will try to be close with my daughter so that we can live together." I answered. She nodded and smiled at me. "We can have our own why do you still want her?" I chuckled. "Shut up Jennie!" I hissed and went to my room.

I fix my bed and slept for an hour and then I went to the mall to buy some clothes for me and to my kid.

As I keep on looking around I then saw a familiar height and familiar smiles flash through me. I smiled and quickly run towards them.

"Tzuyu!" Chaeyoung shouted and hugged me so tight. I hugged back and I felt another hugged from my back. "Pabo! You missed 3 years of jokbal for me!" I laugh when momo tickled my back.

"Aish! I'll bought you jokbal good for 5 years Moguri!" I hissed and she jumped in gladness. This one is really something!  "Hey! Where's the car you promised?" Chaeng said and push me a little. "Auh! Don't  worry. I didn't forgot it!" I replied and grabbed the key in my pocket.

"Ferrari F60 America, its waiting outside your apartment!" he jumped as I handed it to him. "Woah! You're the best!" he shouted and I laugh. Its nothing compared to the 3 years you've both wasted for me.

"BTW let's have some coffee there!." I suggested and they both nodded. They helped me carry the bags I was holding , as we ordered we sat at the corner and talked some stuff about 3 years ago. "And you know what? She's always bragging out her mom about you!" I laugh when I heard it. I badly want to see her.

"So when do you plan to be married?" Momo asked that made me furrowed. "I'm going to settle it this month, I already told Jennie everything!" I answered and stood up , "I have to go, I should buy foods for our dinner!" I said and they all stood up too. "Okay , see you around!" I waved my hand and went to groceries.

I just put all what edible I see in my cart and bought some needed things also. Suddenly a kid tapped my foot that made me lean down to see her. I smiled when she took the shampoo and put it in the basket under my cart.

"Hey! Where is your mom?" I asked and as I sat she throw the another shampoo in me but I catch it and laugh. She then suddenly grabbed my hand and went to chocolates section. "You want chocolates?" I asked and she nodded. "Yesh...choclets ...." She jumped when I handed her the chocolates and there I realized...

"Nayu ahh! Oh god! You make me nervous kiddo! Come here! I'm sorry for my daughters--------"


Sana's POV


My heart beat so damn fast. I suddenly feel cracked up when he stared at me.


I'm all fine

I feel weakened when he smiled. he's about to held Nayu's arm when I pulled my daughter away.

"Nayu! I told you not to talked to strangers!" I said and walked away. I'm all fine we don't need him. I can stand alone. I can give nayu a good life with out him. That's right!

"Sana!" I heard him shouted and held my arms that made me turned to him. "Can we talk?" he asked I then suddenly pressed my lips and looked at him annoyingly

"Let go! We have nothing to talk to!" I said and throw his hand away. For damn sake I'm so nervous, I'm mad not just mad I'm badly mad.

When he nodded slowly in shock I suddenly feel guilt. What the hell? Why would I feel it when the first place I did nothing?

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