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**********10 years later********

"Nayu-ssi! Riyu! Yuri! Yuna! Sayu! Come down here breakfast is ready!! "

Sana shouted from the living room making Tzuyu covered his ears as his wife starting to nag again.

"YAH CHOU TZUYU call them out now! "

Tzuyu quickly followed while still covering his ears because Sana might slapped him the ladder she was holding.

"Kids! Let's eat now, the snake down stairs might bite us, come on! "Tzuyu whispered to them making his kids laugh.

Yuri and Riyu were busy playing with their Xbox while the other twin disturbing Nayu. Yuna is a girl while sayu is a boy, another twin indeed.

But then Tzuyu's eyes landed on Nayu who's busy with her phone while smiling.

"aish, Sayu! Stop playing with my hair! " Nayu turned away sulking ignoring their dad's presence.

Tzuyu smiled seeing his kids in a room complete and healthy. They grown up a lot. Nayu at the age of 17 while Yuri and Riyu at 15 and the other twin is already 10 years old but everything feels odd and lively from what they used to.

"Oh my god!  Dad! I saw Nayu Noona replying I like you too to a guy she was chatting at. "

Sayu shouted making Nayu startled and glared at him but he then quickly run to Tzuyu and hide behind his back. Tzuyu, Riyu, Yuri and Sana's eyes went wide as Sana suddenly came.

Nayu bit her lips and covered her face using her pillow.

"YAH! Is it true Noona?! " Yuri and Riyu asked and stopped from playing. They walked towards Nayu's bed and took her phone. Nayu again startled and tried to take her phone back but the twin is taller than her.

"Mom look! She replied I like you too with the guy's name. "

After Tzuyu and Sana read it. They looked at each other blankly.

"Take back what you have said Noona! " Yuri nagged with a pout.

"aish... Why would I?  I really like him, dad help! "

Nayu pouted while looking at her dad with a puppy eyes making him smile letting Yuri and Riyu nagged.

"No way Noona. You're only 17. You're off guard, Yuri and I is still here... "

They both smirked making Nayu glared at them.

"Me too Hyung! " Sayu added and jumped to his Noona.

"Aish, get off. I need yuna and mom's help. " this time she hugged Yuna and looked at her mom with puppy eyes.

"They are really growing so fast. My princess before was starting to like someone now. "

Tzuyu pouted and hugged Sana's waist. Sana giggled and hugged Tzuyu back.

"Well, as long as you're happy me and your dad is happy for you too. Yuri,riyu and Sayu just protect your one and only Noona not to get hurt, Okay? "

Sana said and smiled at them. The twin sighed and just nodded.

"How about me mom? " yuna asked while pouting.

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