15. Sweet

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Tzuyu's POV

Its already 12 in the morning so I decided to go back in the academy. I went straight to Sana's suite, I promised her that I will sleep there later. But I think she's sleeping right now. I didn't bother to knock cause maybe she's already sleeping. As I pressed the knob it was opened so I went in and about to go to her room but I saw her sleeping on the couch uncomfortably.

I leaned down and stares at her beautiful and perfect features. How can I live after two weeks Sana? How? I'm so stupid for falling in love with you when I know I'll ended up hurting you ,huh? A tear  escaped from eyes as I kissed her forehead.

"Sana..." I said while patting her shoulder. She then woke up and smiled at me. "You came Tzuya! I thought you forgot" I smiled weakly and hugged her tight , Sana I'm sorry.

"Why did you sleep here?" I asked still hugging her. I will miss this so bad. "I've waited here for you!" She answered , and I feel like I was loosing my heart when she said that.  I feel so guilty. "Sana!" I said and pulled out of the hugged . I looked at her straight to her eyes and Tuck her hair behind her ears.

"Hmm?" She hummed

"I love you Sana! I love you so much, keep that in your heart always, you got that?" I said trying not to stutter  nor breaking my voice. She smiled gladly to me in surprise. "I didn't expect that you'll say that to me ,right now but as you said so, I will keep that!" She said and kissed my chin.

"Hmm , I love you!" I said and hugged her again. This warmth I feel I wished to be last. Now regrets is drowning me after those stupid games.

"Wait! Why are you telling me your love huh? Something wrong?" She asked and pulled away to faced me. I just smile and looked away."I just want to say it and at the same time I want you to know!" I said sincerely, I'm badly feeling hurt knowing I already have limitations towards you Sana.

"Let's sleep now! We'll going somewhere tomorrow!" I tried to changed the atmosphere but her stares keep me feel nervous. "No! Something wrong with you, tell me Tzuya!" She cupped my face and turned it to her! "Pleaseeee?"

And there! My tears flow nonstop!

"Tzuyu?! What's wrong?"

I just hugged her tight while sobbing in her shoulders. This angel doesn't deserve to be hurt, I rather die before it happens.

"Sana yaa... I'm leaving after 2 weeks!" I said as I wiped my tears. She giggled , maybe she thought I'm being a little childish.

"Yah! You only have 3 months here but its a little early though I understand! We can see each other anyway! Stop crying , please?"

No! We can't Sana! If only you knew!

"Tell me how much you love me first then I'll stop crying!"  I tried again not to broke my voice. I'm so damn down right now! I just want to go away with her. I want her, and I love her

"Hmm.. If that what's can make my babe stop then okay, I loved you for a very short time I guess but it looks like I'm already in loved with you for a very long time Tzuya! You make me happy in just a winked and you complete me just by showing how you care and how you love me! I love you , I love you , I love you and I will keep on loving you, and please , let's be together forever Tzuya!"

Let's be together forever Tzuya!

Sana! Please don't do this to me!

"Hmm. I love you so much Sana!" I kissed her forehead and her nose down to her lips. This is all I wanted to have everyday. "I love you too!" She said and pulled me more closer, I kissed her while tears flow down on my eyes. I can even taste it.

I held her waist and push her to the couch kissing her from passionate to rough and to needs. My hands playing around her body. I want her. I badly want her.

Then in just a snap , we are both naked so I carried her towards her room.

(A/N: let's all imagine that tzuyu, chaeyoung, Dahyun and jungyeon is a guy not a girl anymore in this story. Genderbend 😂😂)

Sana's POV

I woke up as I feel a sting down there!

I saw tzuyu sleeping peacefully beside me naked like me. I gulped when I remembered what happened last night. Damn! I'm not regretting he got my v card. Its just that, what if I ....got pregnant?

I stood up ignoring the pain. I went to the bathroom and took a bath. I heave a sigh. Last night is so memorable , I hope no one heard me screaming! If ever there was , I'm dead!

After I took a bath I wore the shirt he bought for me, its actually a couple shirt mine is pink with a Yoda print with a word 'MINE' while him is a blue shirt with a squirrel print and also have a 'MINE' word. I didn't thought he would really buy it as I say it was cute and he just responded with a shrugged.

I smiled and took the rubber shoes in the shoe rock hhe also bought for us. After that I went to the kitchen and cooked for him. I'm already late so I'll just excused myself later. After I cooked , I woke him up by kissing him so deep.

"Good morning babe!" I said while smiling ear to ear. I love him so much that he already made my day wonderful just by seeing him after I woke up. "Good morning!" he said and stood up , I looked away and laugh! he's naked for damn sake!

"Yah! Go take a bath, I'll wait for you outside!" I said and we both laugh.

"Aye aye wifey! I love you!" he kissed the back of my head and run towards the bathroom.

I smiled in happiness. I wish we'll be stay strong ,Tzuya cause now that I'm falling more harder I just want to keep you and live with you the rest of my life.



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