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"I can feel how tired Nayu is, are you hungry babe? "

Tzuyu asked as he notice that Sana look so pale. Sana looked at him weakly.

"I feel tired at the same time hungry." Sana answered while hugging Tzuyu. They were having their jet lag after the flight. Tzuyu gently kissed Sana's soft lips while his hands playing around Sana's waist.

"Babe, Nayu is still sleeping, let's do our honeymoon now! "

Tzuyu whispered that gave Sana's shiver. Tzuyu was about to kiss Sana again when Sana suddenly rushed to the bathroom and vomited again and again.

Tzuyu quickly followed and rubbed Sana's back.

"babe, are you Okay? What's wrong tell me... "

Tzuyu panicked as he was so worried of his wife. When Sana answered she then vomited again and feel that her throat is swelling.

Tzuyu hugged Sana at her back that made Sana smiled. This is what happened when she knew she's pregnant. But she's so happy that she now feel that Tzuyu is there for her.

When Sana heard Tzuyu's sniffed she laugh and cupped Tzuyus face.

"Hey are you crying? " Sana asked and kissed Tzuyu's lips.

The kissed become intimate. Tzuyu pulled Sana waist to the wall while kissing her passionately.

He slowly carried her to the bathtub while eating Sana's left breast. Sana can't help but let out a soft moan trying not to make a noise for Nayu.

"tzu... Hmm...."

"I love you!"

*skipped 😷*


"why did you rushed and vomited a while babe? " Tzuyu asked while caressing Sana's hair.

They are at the next room lying down after their making love session.

"You wanna know? " Sana asked while smiling ear to ear. She kissed Tzuyu's lips first before saying.

Tzuyu nodded.

"I'm pregnant. " as Tzuyu heard it. He froze and imagined random thoughts. He was PRE occupied at the moment he heard it. Sana laugh and just kissed her husband passionately.

"I'm not yet sure, but this was exactly happened when I'm pregnant with Nayu. " Sana added. Tzuyu can't still process what he have heard.

"Babe! " Sana shouted that woke him up his imagination.

"Y... You're...p... Pre---gnant??? "

Sana nodded and he automatically jumped on their bed. Shouting and laughing because of happiness.

He then pulled Sana for a wild kiss again.

"god.... I can't believe it Sana... The feeling is so different... "

Tzuyu hugged Sana really tight that made the latter giggled.

"Let's should check out first! " Sana said and Tzuyu nodded. After their staring contest to each other they decided to cook for their breakfast.

"Babe! Where did you throw my bra, shirt and undies? "

Sana asked while covering her body using the comforter. Tzuyu smirked and pulled the comforter away from Sana and there,,,, her perfect body showed.

"Yaaahhhhh! " Sana whined and throw the pillow to her husband. Tzuyu just laugh and stood up wearing his boxer only.

"I'll get you your clothes wait here, I guess it's still in the bathroom? "

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