10. LQ

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Tzuyu's POV

"Mushie! Where did our foods go?" I asked Chaeng who's busy watching TV alone.

"Chaeng!" I called him again but he's still concentrating to that shit movie

I went to the sofa and grabbed the remote control in his hand.

I turned it off and he looked at me so pissed

"Yah! Why did----"

"Where did the foods go, why the hell our fridge is empty?" I asked in pissed too.

He tried to hide his laugh but I saw it and jokingly poke his forehead

"Chuwyyyy!" Someone shouted at my back so I turned around and I saw Moguri smiling while holding a jokbal and kimbap

I face palmed

What is she doing here?

"Moguri?" I asked

She smiled teasingly and went back outside. What the hell? I should go to the market everyday. I swear if that fridge will full today later it will not.

"Auh! This is so disgusting!"

Actually moguri is our best friend too, I don't hate her but when it comes to food that was actually what I'm saying. Good thing, today is Sunday and I don't have training schedule

I went to my room and took a bath. I have to go to supermarket

After that, I wear a simple black jeans, and a gray hoodie and also my navy blue spris rubber shoes.

I grabbed my phone and wallet in my drawer and went off when my phone vibrated. Oh I forgot I should meet my dad today. It was just a message from him saying I'll meet him later at his office. I didn't bother to reply and just went out my room.


I was startled when I saw Sana sitting beside Chaeng who stood up and walked towards me. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I gazed at Chaeng and momo they are smirking at me and so did I .

"Sana! What are you doing here?" I asked as I pulled her out in the living room I feel the hot glares of the two.

"Visiting you but seems like you're going off to somewhere?" She said. I sighed

"Ahh yeah, I'm going to meet my dad." I said while caressing her hair

She nodded

"I want to go with you, if you won't mind!" She said cheerfully and hugged my waist

I stiffened when she did it. I know she's really clingy but I'm not in the mood right now. I let go of her hand and step forward against her.

"You can't go with me Sana! We went on a date just yesterday and so you have to rest for now!" I said while holding her both shoulders. But she still insisted that made me pissed. "But I want to meet your parents, babe!" She said and I heave a deep sigh

"Look Sana! My dad want to talk important things to me but if you'll go with me then I can't concentrate if ever." I'm pissed but I can't show it. I don't want to start a fight since I'm not in my mood to chase her after,it will just worsen the situation if ever

"Tsk whatever!" She hissed and walked away without any glance at me. Auh she got angry just like that? What the! I run to chase her but she just glared at me and continued walking away. Aish whatever I don't have time for your stupid vibes Sana!

I just let her and walked away too. I went to my parked car and drove off to my dad's building company. As I arrive I went straight to his office and opened the door without knocking it.

"Dad!" I said and sat opposite to him. He smiled and loosened his necktie. "You came so early unexpected!" He said while his eyes glued on his paper works. I faked a laugh. "Whatever! Go direct to the point what is it?" He chuckled while shaking his head. "You already stayed almost a month and half in military but you never changed at least ."

I chuckled too. "Why? Do you think military is a cure? Then you're wrong, no one or nothing can change me so accept that!" I grinned at him and so he does.

"Alright! Whatever! Listen to me Chou Tzuyu! I already settled your future so again whether you like it or not you'll going to meet your fiancé next Sunday!" He stood and I stood up too. I closed my fist real hard that I even feel the pain.

"You're kidding me dad----"

"I'm not!"

"What the hell? Will you please stop interfering my life? I have my own and you does!" I shouted at him, I don't care if I'm acting unrespectful rude son right now. Fiancé? I don't even know who is she!

"I'm your dad! I know what's best for you!" I fake a laugh, the best? I can't believe him, is that how business ruined his head? The f*ck.

"The best? What is the best in that,huh? Marrying someone I don't know who? Are you out of your mind? I will not going to accept that!" I said with greeted teeth. I'm so hella pissed right now.

"Go out and meet your fiancé next Sunday!" I cringed , this old man is really.

"No!" I step back and leave him.

"Then I'll throw you back to Taiwan without any credits from me , your mom, your Granny's and your friends!"

My heart beat so damn fast as I heard it. A tear formed in my eyes. Do I always have to leave no choice? Damn this life!

I went out to his office and went to the super market. I took a cart and place all the foods needed on our room.

After that I went to the counter and pay it all. I'm about to go when someone tap my back.


I saw Senior Jennie Kim carrying a lot of paper bags

"Oh hi!" I greeted her as she walked closer to me. "Groceries?" She asked and I nodded. "Shopping?" I asked back. She nodded too. "Can we have some coffee then?"I want to say no as I feel tired but I just nodded and followed her.

As the coffee were served we start to sip and it really taste good. " So how was your day?" She started. "Hell not fine , I just talked with my father and boom he always surprise me with his stuffs" I said while faking a laugh

"Like what?" She asked and sip her coffee again " I think you don't have to know!" She smiled .

"Well we just feel the same!" She said I just smiled in response and we just talk and such for almost half an hour

"You have your car with you?" I asked and she shook her head slowly. "Hop in!" I said and entered my car first. She then opened the door and sat beside me. "Thanks but you don't have to, Sana will be mad if ever she saw us!" She said and I chuckled.

I almost forgot about her.

"Hmm don't mind her!" I said and drove off.

Happy happy new year to everyone! I hope 2018 is also twice another bless year to shine like a diamond worth caring and I hope that once fandom will getting more wider and larger as the times go by. Let's all pray for their safety and health as they are the artist who's most busiest at this moment. I love twice so much and I'll protect them with all cost, same in the Family Once I've entered.

Please spend your day with your FAM.


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