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Sana's pov

It's already 12 noon but I didn't receive any message from Tzuyu. What is exactly happening that he can't even text or call me? I quickly ate my lunch then brushed my teeth and went to Nayu who's sleeping at my room.

I kissed her head and lay down beside her, I just want to sleep but I can't. My mind is thinking of what Tzuyu's doing at this time. Did he already ate his lunch? Or did he ate well? I picked up my phone and dialled his number.

It takes three rings before he answered.

Babe? Good thing you called, I want to see you, where are you?

I literally blushed when he said that. Like what?! It was unexpected.

I'm here waiting for your call, BTW did you already ate your lunch? Where are you?

I asked.

I'm here at the hospital, I'm waiting for Jennie's parents to come and I didn't ate yet, you're not here, I have no appetite.

I can feel that he's pouting right now. I smiled and grabbed the pillow and hugged it tight. My heart were fluttered ❤❤

Should I go there? Or let's just meet at the nearest resto?

I suggest that he quickly answered a 'Yes '

But I don't want you to drive, I'll call Chaeng, Okay?

Yes, babe.

Good, I love you!

I love you too.

As he hunged up the call , I excitedly went to the bathroom and take a bath and after that I wore a simple white dress , light make up and tint.

I shouldn't do this things since we're already married but I just can't let myself look ugly in front of his handsome face. I fall real hard with my husband.

I woke Nayu up and changed her clothes. She's still sleepy so I carried her downstairs and there I saw Chaeng with Mina.

"Sana I heard your having another baby? "

Mina asked while offering to carry Nayu. I smiled and nodded. They look so surprised but then smiled too.

"woah! Tzuyu is so fast, how did he do that? But congrats noona!"

Chaeng said. I just laugh and we headed to where Tzuyu is.

"Be careful Sana-ssi! Tzuyu is already inside! "

Mina said while carrying the sleepy Nayu. I smiled and say thanks before they off to the shop. I'm about to turned around when a pair of hand wrapped around my waist.

I smiled. It's none other than my babe.

"I'm sorry if I didn't woke you up before I go. Are you mad? Please tell me you're not, I love you! "

He kissed my neck and pulled me more closer for a tight hugged. I giggled. How can I be mad if he's going to apologise so cute? Tell me?

"I'm not mad and I love you too. "

I said and turned to face him. He smiled weakly, is my Tzuyu sad? I cupped his face but he looked away.

"babe, something wrong? "

I asked but he just shook his head and pulled me inside the restaurant. I took a deep sighed. I just hope there's really nothing bad happened.

"Babe, what do you want?" he asked while cupping my hand. I shrugged my shoulders and stared at her eyes.

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