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Tzuyu's pov

"Nayu ahh, come here!"

I said while patting my lap for her to sat on me . She quickly run to me and I lift her up to sat on my lap.

"Where'sh... Myy?? " Nayu asked while pouting.

I smiled, how can I have such a great cutie Patotie Nayu? Well, of coarse of her mom.

I kissed her pout and we watched a nursery rhyme for about 30 minutes, Sana is still sleeping and I didn't bother to wake her up.

"Are you hungry Nayu? You want to drink some milk?" I asked and stood up while still carrying her towards the kitchen. 

"yesh... "

Nayu said while cupping my face. I quickly kiss her nose when I heard our room door opened.

"Good morning babe! "

I cheerfully said and hugged Sana's waist kissing her cheeks three times. She smiled and kiss Nayu's cheeks.

"Good morning, Nayu-ssi, good morning babe! "she said sweetly that made me feel relieve.

She's on a good mood, thank god!

"Chou Tzuyu! "

"Aaw! "

I groaned when she pinch my ears so hard and glared at me so bad .

What did I do?

"Why did you left me alone at the room?! " she said madly while pointing her finger on me. I mentally rolled my eyes. So what if I leave her there alone? She's sleeping like forever . I put down Nayu and told her to play at our room first.

Now I could say, pregnant woman is a pain in my ass.

"Babe... I'm sorry, are you hungry? " I sweetly said and pulled her for a warm kiss. I frown when she didn't kiss back. Like duh,,,she's totally mad.

"Yes I'm hungry, and I want to eat something so fresh but not too freshy and any fruits with ketchup. "

I froze. What is it? So fresh food but not too freshy? And fruits with ketchup? Are you kidding me Sana?

"a-are you sure? " I asked, hoping she will changed her mind. But she just nodded many times.

What the!

I stared at her when she bit her lips while tucking her hair behind her ears.

I just got a hot messed goddess wife.

I pulled her for a hot kissed and she quickly respond. I pinned her to the wall and started to move my lips down to her neck. I'm about to suck it when she moaned and it turned me on.

"tzu..hmm, no hickeys please... "

I didn't listen,i sucked her neck leaving a dark red hickey and quickly lick it. I pressed her lips again while cupping her breast.

"ahh... Hmmp..." I kissed her deeply as she moaned under the kiss.

I pulled out and smirked.

"I love you, Sana babe please don't give me hard times! "

I said while cupping her face gently. But it's okay if you like to give me hard times. I love her so much to resist.

"am I giving you hard times?" she asked while holding the hem of my shirt. I smiled and nodded slowly.

"it's not that though, but you know I'm not in to this kind of situation. But I understand what you feel I love you! "

I rested my forehead to hers for a while. Then I felt her hands rubbing my back.

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