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Sana's POV

"Sana wake up! We have to go back now!"

Tzuyu tapped my arms Woking me up so I slowly open my eyes

"Good morning!" he greeted and kissed my head. I smiled and greeted back

"Good morning, babe I'm hungry..." I pouted , I am really hungry since last night. I saw him smirked. Oh no!


I glared, I know what he's thinking and I don't want to. I'm so hella hungry right now.

"What?" he innocently asked. I glared even more. "I know what you are thinking tzuyu , erase it and feed me first!" I rolled my eyes. He chuckled and pouted. Wow, now he's acting cute? Grr  , I screamed so loud last night because of you Chou Tzuyu, you're like a wild beast that hunted to eat me. I was so nervous and scared of your stares.

"But I want to make another Nayu quickly!"

I closed my eyes and sighed. You are not cute Chou Tzuyu...

Trying to convinced myself, I'm badly hungry right now.

"No! Nayu is enough for now!" I said and kissed his kissable lips. I stood up while covering my body using the comforter. I picked up my dressed that he throw last night and went to the bathroom.

"Wow! This house is like a castle!" I thought and took a bath. After almost 30 minutes I went out and dressed myself. Where is tzuyu?

After I dressed I went out the room and walked downstairs. Even the stairs looks so expensive. "I'm at the kitchen Sana! To your left!" As I heard tzuyu shouted, I smiled and walked to the kitchen. I saw him preparing the plates.

"Hmm smell so good!" I said and sat adjacent to her seat. I'm about to serve a rice when he did it for me. "Let me feed you Babe!" I grinned when he smiled cutely to me. Geez What's with Tzuyu right now?

"No need I can manage!" I took the spoon and fork from his hands but he stubbornly hold it tight and sliced the meat. I sighed.

"Yah! I'm not a kid, let me do that!" 

" I know! But I want to. Say ah!"

"..."               Me

"Say ahhhh"

"...." >>me

As soon as he pouted I laugh. I saw his eyes half lidded in annoyance. I stopped when he stood up.

"Fine! Eat alone , I'm going to call someone!" S
he said coldly that froze me. he got pissed? When he's about to walk out I held his arms to stop him

"I-im sorry... Tzuya just stay and let's eat together!" I tried not to laugh to avoid arguments. He grinned at me and sat back again.

"After we got back, I'll transfer all our things in here so that we can live here permanently!"

For real?oh my God! We'll going to live together here?


I'm crying like a baby just now.



As soon as I got out Tzuyu's car I saw Mark rushing towards me and about to carry Nayu when I stopped him.

"Mark! I...I can handle Nayu, its okay!" I said stuttering. The hell I'm nervous! Tzuyu is here for damn sake. I then heard the car's door bang.

"Let me carry Nayu Sana! Talk to him!" Tzuyu said coldly. I could feel that he's mad. He carried Nayu and about to walked out when I held his wrist. He looked at me blankly.

I let go of him as I can't say anything. He's mad.

He walked out and went inside my house. I sighed and looked at mark who seems so confused.

"Mark... I'm sorry!"  I looked down, I don't wanna see him feeling bad at me. "A-are y..you two...back again?" He asked , his voice were shaking. I really feel bad right now.

I slowly nodded.

"I'm sorry Mark , I still love Tzuyu...no matter how I tried to forget everything what we have I can't. I need Tzuyu in my life, I'm sorry!"

I sincerely said looking at him straight to his eyes. A tear fell down his eyes. I looked down and closed my eyes.

"I'm really sorry!"

"Can I have one favor Sana? Just for the last time!" I looked back at him and didn't hesitated to nod many times. "Spill! Anything Mark! Just tell me!" He smiled weakly and stared at me.

"I'll be the happiest if that anything includes having you in me but I think its too impossible now." He held my both shoulders and lean closer. I stepped back a little but he just keep on getting closer.

"Can you be my first kiss Sana?"

I froze.

What?! Kiss?

No! Tzuyu will be mad. And I don't want it to happen.

But before I could say no. I felt his lips pressed onto mine.


I can't move. My heart beat so damn fast. My knees were trembling and I want to pull away but I can't.

I snapped out and pulled away.



I saw how tzuyu throw a hard punch to Mark's face. I saw the blood in his lips. Tzuyu were about to punch him once again but I quickly stopped and hugged tzuyu.

"Tzuyu..." I mumbled.

I don't know what emotion I exactly feel right now. I'm afraid, nervous and guilty.

Why did I let Mark kissed me huh? I'm so stupid.

Tzuyu stared at me for a seconds and after that he let go of me and quickly walked to his car. Tears fall down on my face but I ignored it. I tried to approach him but he slammed the door and in no time he disappeared.

I sat down the ground in frustration. I looked at Mark blankly. I just can't blame him. This is all my fault. I run inside my house and locked the door. I dialled tzuyu's number but no response.

What should I do?

Damn it Sana! This is your fault. Do something Pabo! But I don't have energy for now.




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