52. Finale

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"Babe are you Okay? " Tzuyu asked as he rubbed Sana's back when he noticed something to his wife.

Sana shook her head saying she's not. It's been 5 hours and the operation took for about 8-10 hours but they decided to wait without eating anything.

"I... I want to go to the comfort room. " Sana stood up and Tzuyu followed her while holding her hands as he feel that Sana isn't feeling well. Their friends noticed them so they run to follow too.!

Sana suddenly feel her throat will going to explode so she run quickly to the comfort room and vomited.

"Babe! What's wrong are you Okay? " Tzuyu asked while rubbing Sana's back who's still vomiting at the sink.

Sana wiped her mouth and gurgled some water.

"Hey! What happened? " Nayeon asked and entered followed by the others not minding if they entered the girls room.

"She just vomited, I think she's not feeling well. Do you wanna go home, Sana? " Tzuyu asked worriedly but Sana shook her head and just hugged her husband.

"Tsk, why now? It's your fault CHOU! I think I'm pregnant again. "

Everyone gasped and rolled their eyes.

"You're too fast, CHOUTZUYU!! " they shouted but Tzuyu just chuckled and hugged his wife too.

"It's Okay, as long as I am the father and she's the mother we can make a lot. " Tzuyu giggled for what he have said and everyone shrugged their shoulders.

"Whatever. " jihyo hissed and walked out first and the others followed excluding Tzuyu and sana

"Are you somewhat happy, babe? " Tzuyu asked when he realize Sana went silent.

She nodded and smiled.

"Of coarse. I'm just worried about Nayu. Besides, you're right as long as it was you and me everything is fine. "

Tzuyu smiled and leaned forward to give a hot and passionate kiss to his wife.

After 6 hours the operation room's door opened and the surgeons went out with their blank face.

Everyone's heart started to beat fast nervously praying for the good news but the surgeons face give them a bit of lost hope.

Sana held Tzuyu's hand and gripped it tightly to him. Tzuyu kissed Sana's head.

The doctor walked towards them and looked down. Tears started to fill the  hallway .

"Mr and Mrs Chou Right? " the first surgeon asked and the both nodded.

"Yes... H-how's the operation.. "

Tzuyu asked. His voice starting to crack but he controlled it.

"The operation started at 3 pm. I sadly say that her heart stopped from beating at 6:13 pm I also declared her death at 6:23 pm... "

Sana and Tzuyu closed their eyes in sync after hearing it.


"But after minutes, her heart started to pump slowly again. And I'll go direct to the point, the operation... Is successful. Congrats "


After 2 months


"Mom! Let me help you cook for our breakfast. "

Sana smiled and nodded her head handing Nayu the onions to cut. Nayu gladly took the knife and started.

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