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Author's POV

(5 months later)

"Nayu-ssi don't go near the pool! " Sana shouted while struggling to walk fast at Nayu who's play near the pool. Her tummy is already too bloated as she carrying a twin baby boys.

No words can tell how happy the both of them when they saw the result from ultra sound.

"Auh please Nayu not now,  come here! " Sana shouted that made Nayu pout while walking towards her. "Aigoo my Nayu is so cute. " Sana said and pinched Nayu's nose. "myy... Biiig tummy...yiee" Nayu said trying to lift her hands up cause she want to be carried by her mom but Sana can't lean down to carry Nayu.

"I'm sorry Nayu-ssi but mommy can't carry you for now. Give me your hand instead. " Nayu followed and they both headed inside the house.  "Nayu go to your room now, I'm going to wake up your dad" Nayu pouted once again and followed immediately, Sana just giggled and went upstairs slowly and careful.

As she opened their room Sana saw Tzuyu comfortably sleeping at the king size bed. She sighed knowing how busy her husband is makes her feel uneasy for him. Sana lay down beside Tzuyu and caress his hair. Sana then kissed Tzuyu's lips that woke the latter up instantly.

"good morning babe, sorry for interrupting your sweet dreams. " Sana cutely said. "Good morning too, how's my babe and my twins? " Tzuyu sweetly said and hugged Sana's waist earning a cute giggles from her.

"I'm good. Let's just wait for 3 weeks and we'll going to see them. Are you excited?" Tzuyu pecked Sana's lips and smiled. "Of coarse, if only I can steal them at your tummy I already did. And also I miss...... Touching you babe. " Tzuyu huskily said and kissed Sana's lips deeply she then kissed back with the same intensity. The kissed went more rougher until Sana pinched Tzuyus arms deeply causing Tzuyu to groan in pain.

"Aww. What was that for? " Tzuyu asked and about continue when Sana stopped him. "Let's stop here, we'll going to focus to our babies after I labour and we'll going to work for their future in short no touching and no intercourse for years only kiss and hugs, babe. " Sana said and slowly stood up. Tzuyu looked so shock as he heard it.

"what the hell Sana? No way, I can't live without doing it to you! "

Tzuyu hissed and stood up too. Sana glared at him with fire causing him to stopped. "Fine. Fine. Fine. You win only hugs and kisses. " Tzuyu said sarcastically and went to the bathroom. Sana bit her lips knowing her husband got pissed make her feel guilty.


"Babe! Where are you going? " Sana asked confused when she saw her husband on a suit for work. "I'm going to work, dad just called me for a meeting. " Tzuyu explained without glancing at his wife. Sana pouted and walked towards him.

"I thought dad dismissed you for 3 weeks for my labour? " Sana asked sadly.  She expected to have a quality time with him since its been 5 months that they rarely see each other only at night and morning. "it's Okay, just this day babe. Besides, you made me pissed a while and I am still mad. " Sana once again pouted and hugged Tzuyu's waist.  "I'm sorry, just this day Okay? You'll spend your day tomorrow for us, right? " Tzuyu giggled and kissed Sana's temple. "Hm. I promise. I gotta go, I shouldn't be late. " Tzuyu said and about to go but Sana suddenly sobbed. He panicked and hugged Sana immediately.

"babe, shh...whats wrong? " Tzuyu asked wiping Sana's tears. "C-can we go with you? " Sana requested between her sobs. Tzuyu froze of her childish act. He then sighed and checked his watch. "Babe, I'll be late if I'm going to wait---"

"Fine. Go away! "

Sana shouted while pushing Tzuyu away. He sighed in defeat.

"alright. I'll wait for you and Nayu here. Just please don't cry. " Tzuyu gently said and kissed Sana's head. He have no choice again.

"Really? " Sana's world brighten up as Tzuyu nodded but deep inside he's rolling his eyes. Sana hugged him and he went upstairs again.


"Sana, just stay here. If you feel bored just watch anything at my laptop. But don't ever open any files there." Tzuyu said while pointing at his laptop. Sana looked suspicious at what he said.

"Why? " she asked.

"for business matter Sana. " he answered earning a glare from his wife.

"Okay, can I just borrow your phone? " Sana asked. Tzuyu sighed.

"you have your own babe. I need this in case ---"

"In case someone will contact you? Don't worry I can answer it and say you are in the middle of a meeting. Just give me your phone." Sana demanded that leaving no choice for him again. He grabbed his phone and hand it to Sana. "Password?" Sana asked again.  "Hope 143" Tzuyu answered coldly. Sana lidded half her eyes.

"Are you cheating on me?  Who's hope, Tzuyu? "

Okay, this is it. I'm pissed.

"Auh! Stop it Sana, let's talk later. I still have a meeting. " Tzuyu said and walked out the room leaving Sana a bit mad.


"Are you hungry Nayu-ssi? " Tzuyu asked as he entered his office and walked towards Nayu who's playing her doll. Nayu nodded. "Okay, I'm done working so we can go home, babe let's go! " Tzuyu carried Nayu and helped Sana to stood up.

"No, answer me first. Who's hope?" Sana firmly said. Tzuyu controlled himself not to burst out to avoid arguments again.

"It's you! Your English name is hope and the number 143 mean I love you and I am not cheating on you, you are my life so please stop being suspicious to me, babe! " Tzuyu explained worthly earning a fluttered smile from his wife.

"I love you, CHOU Sana! "

" I Love you too, CHOU Tzuyu. "

I'll focus on this for a meantime to end this right away😂😂


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