6. invisible

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Sana's POV

(Days after)


I turned around as I heard someone calling me. I automatically rolled my eyes mentally.

"Yes Jennie Kim?" I asked while faking a smile

"I just want to inform you that director Song told me to train the two juniors specially Chou Tzuyu!" She smiled while saying Tzuyu's name , I cringed

What?! Its my schedule for today and tomorrow , how come?

Aish! I forgot she's director song nephew but no way! She'll going to flirt with him and they will----

I cut off my thoughts!

"I will talk to director song , I was settled and I don't want to renew a trainee again!" I said and turned away but she held my hand that made me looked back

Argh I'm getting annoyed for damn sake.

"What?!" I asked irritatedly, she looked at me confused for my actions.

"Did I say something wrong that made you pissed like that?" She asked innocently

This is why I hate some good persons. This made me look bad by myself.

"N...nothing. But I will still talk to Director song!" I said calming my self

"Alright, I gotta go I still have class, just inform me again whenever he agree with you!" She smiled so I smiled back.

"Argh!what is wrong with you sana?there's no big deal if she will train tzuyu!" I said to my self...

Remember you rejected him Sana! Oh did I ? But he doesn't even showed any care!

I shook my head, let them be.

I'm Walking towards my room when I saw tzuyu talking with the three seniors, they were laughing , he's really so attractive Iike zues, I can't lie.

He brush his hair using his fingers while wearing military uniform.

I just realize what I've said the last time.

'How can someone like me will like him, he's rude , cold and brat!'

I think I should rephrase it now

'How can someone like him will like me who brutalize hia innocence , beauty and perfection?'

I was snap out when senior I'm Nayeon called me

"Senior Sana! Join us!"

My heart pounded when Tzuyu's eyes and mine met.

I don't know but I feel a sting when I saw nothing in his eyes , I can't read it. Its expressionless , cold and unpredictable

"Ahm.. N..no thanks, I just passed by---" I was cut off by Senior Park Jihyo

"You're not! I saw you staring at Tzuyu!"

I'm doomed

I looked at tzuyu and he's smirking, I felt my cheeks were burning, damn , its so embarrassing.

"I...I'm not..." Why the hell I'm stuttering? I turned away to avoid their gazed

"I have to go now!" I looked at tzuyu and he's looking at me too , still cold.

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