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Tzuyu's POV

I was cooking for my Sana's breakfast when I suddenly felt a hugged from my back. I smiled ,she's no other than Sana.
"Hmm Smell's good..." She complemented so I just giggled. "Of course its me Sana! I'm good at this!" I said without cockiness , she laugh and kissed my back.

"Yeah that's why I'm lucky to have you!" She hugged me more tighter. I lowered the stove and face her. "Same! I love you Sana!" I kissed her head while she still hugging me. "Tzu?" She asked so I just hummed in response. "Introduce me to your parent's tzu so we can be legal for what we our doing I'll do same thing too!"

As she said that I feel my knees were trembling. God! How can I Skip that question? I just hugged her back cause I don't know what to say.

"Tzuyu?" She asked waiting for my answer.

I gulped.

"S-sana. I think I-i can't..."

Ah shit! She will think I don't really love her if ever, pabo tzuyu!

"W..why you can't?" She asked stuttering, I saw her eyes starting to blurry ,I quickly shook my head and lift her face up so we can looked at each other's eyes. But she just looking away. "Sana listen to me..." She cut me off by wiping her tears and push me a little

"Do you really love me Tzuyu? Or I'm just one of those relationships you played?!" She asked voiceless. I pulled her back. Damn! I'm so stupid. "Sana No! I love you and I'm serious! I'm serious with our relationship but I can't introduce you to my parents!" I explained in a sincerest way I could.

"Then why?!"

"We're not in good terms! How can they accept you if they don't even know me fully as who I am? They will just punished me in my troubles and that's it! They don't ever care about me since then. Sana, its not that easy as what you think!" Half is a lie and half is true.

"Then what will happened to us after?" She step back while slowly covering her mouth. I tried to hold her arms but she just step back again and again. Damn! I wanna cry. We're happy a while then now? What's wrong with our faith huh?

"Sana...what do you mean?" I asked and just stay still. She suddenly shook her head and run away. I cursed my self.

"Sana I'm sorry..." I mumbled


"Sana??let's eat!" I said while knocking the door. But I just heard her sobs , its your fault tzuyu damn you!

I took the keys and opened the door. I saw Sana laying on the bed and she quickly covered her face using the blanket. I walked towards her and sat at the edge. "Sana I'm sorry... I will introduce you to my parents as soon as everything is okay to us, I promised!" I sincerely said and hugged her while she's still covered with the blanket.


I tried to take off the blanket but she just push me away.

"Just go! I'm not hungry!" She said so I heave a sighed and went inside the blanket. As she saw me she turned away trying to ignore me.


"I'm just afraid tzuyu! I'm afraid to know that you are not serious about us, I'm afraid that you'll leave me sooner and I'm afraid to get hurt... I just want to keep you the rest of my life..."

I looked down as my tears fall nonstop. I'm afraid too, I'm afraid to leave you and I'm afraid for what I can do without you.

I hugged her so tight.

"Sana! I promise to end up my life with you no matter what! Please stop making me feel bad about my self, I love you and I'm serious about us..." I kissed the back of her head. She then turned to me and hugged me back.

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