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Sana's pov

"Babe! Nayu-ssi! Enough that, here drink some juice! "

I said and put down the tray at the table while waiting for them to come out of the pool. Nayu waved her hand to me so I waved back.

I then rubbed my tummy , I can't believe I'm having it again soon. Nayu is too young to be a sister. I smiled when I felt a warm kiss in my cheeks. It was Nayu.

"that was sweet Nayu-ssi, kiss me again! " I said and leaned my cheek more closer to her but it wasn't Nayu who kissed me. I smiled even wider.

"How about my kissed? Is it sweet or even sweeter? " He asked. I just giggled and wiped Nayu's wet body after that I wiped my husband's wet body too.  I don't know but my hands trembled when I wiped his hard tummy. Geez I really have this hot husband.

"Babe stop trembling, you already touched it. " he then laugh after he said that. I glared at him and Slapped his tummy.

I'm about to sat down when a grouped of loud voice filled the house. I turned around and I saw the seven dwarfs clinging to each other. My brows twitched and looked at Tzuyu who's doing the same.

"Babe!  Congrats!! "

Chaeyoung said and about to hugged Tzuyu but Tzuyu smacked his head that made him groaned. We all laugh at them.

"Nayu-ssi!! Your pretty aunt's and handsome uncle's  are all here give them a kiss! "

I said and she quickly followed. Nayeon is the first  one to hugged Nayu since she's the one who's really in love with the babies especially Nayu. Tzuyu held my waist and suddenly bit my shoulder.

"Ahh! "

I groaned that gained attention. I facepalm because of Tzuyu's action.

"Yah! You two, it's still early so stop that and let's all celebrate."

Jihyo shouted and I can feel my cheeks reddened. I glared at Tzuyu but he just lick his lips seductively. I closed my eyes and looked away. He's seducing me for sure.

"yeah yeah, Tzuyu bought us jokbal pleaseeee pork belly too, barbeque sticks, and -----"

"Yah Momo! You're such a pig! "

Jungyeon hissed that made us laugh. Tzuyu shrugged his shoulders and pointed Chaeng and Dahyun.

"I think we should go to the supermarket for Momo 's goods. "

Tzuyu jokingly said and Momo pouted. I think we should really have to celebrate. Mina jihyo nayeon and Momo approach me their warm hugs, Tzuyu then walked towards the boys too and they prepared something I don't know.

"So how was life with your husband Sana? " Jihyo asked and signalled us to sit down. I smiled that made them frowned.

"Of coarse I'm very happy Jihyo especially that we'll be having another baby... And the feeling is so different since he's here to take care of me unlike 2 years ago. "

They all nodded and patted my arm. I know they are happy for me too so I am more grateful.

"err... This is awkward to ask but... Sana... Did you and Tzuyu already have... You know... Tzuyu just came back 4 months later then after married BOOM you are pregnant! And-----ouch!"

My cheeks reddened as Momo asked so shameful question unfavourable to me. Seriously?!

Mina hit her head and rolled her eyes.

"YAH, of coarse they did, common sense Moguri, she won't get pregnant so soon if they did it right after the wedding. But seriously Sana, how many times did you  both have se---  *argh*"

This time jihyo throw the pillow to Mina's face. I even got more redder. What a shameful co-Japanese.

"Auh drop that topic ple---"

Jihyo cut me off.

"Almost every night Mina, oh no! Maybe every morning before they off to work too. Oh m geeee... How was the feeling Sana? Is he goo---"

I covered my face using the towel I wiped with Tzuyu's wet body awhile when nayeon slapped jihyo's mouth shutting her off.

Oh no, is this a celebration party or investigation before the party?

"God Jihyo, I thought you are in your best mind right now..."

I bit my lips waiting for nayeon to continue but I just heard her giggle. So I uncovered my face and glared at them.

"but for sure Tzuyu did his best to hit her hard. Right Sana? "

Water please, swallow me! 


I shouted and throw the chocolate right to their face. Oh my god I don't know how to swallow a food after this, I brushed my hands through my hair and sat back again.

"you idiots stop talking nonsense please!" I took a deep breathe that made them laugh.

"ehjut??... Yay....*clapping * ehjut myy..."

My eyes literally widened when I heard Nayu while clapping her hands to me.

Fudge!! Seriously?!!

"n-Nayu... tch...don't say that again, Okay? "

I said while trying to sound calm. I facepalmed when she just repeat saying idiot while clapping then the others can't stop laughing at me who felt so frustrated.

"I just hope Tzuyu won't hear this. This is all your fault... "

I pointed them each and glared.


"Babe! Let's go downstairs, everyone is enjoying the movie come on! "

Tzuyu said as he opened the door. I hushed him to lower down his voice since Nayu were sleeping. He walked towards me and kissed Nayu's head. He then helped me to stood up and we went out to our room.

As we went to the living room I can see how messed it was. The bottle of soju is everywhere in the corner the chips and plates were on the floor. 2yeon were flirting, michaeng were watching and dahmo was busy eating while jihyo already sleeping at the couch.

"Babe, is this how they enjoying watching the movie? "

I asked sarcastically that made him laugh. He hugged my waist and led me to the other couch.

"let's just watched with michaeng not with the other dorks. " I giggled this time. After a few minutes, I glanced at Tzuyu who's watching with all his focus. It was an action marathon that whenever the protagonist and antagonist will met he will frowned and say 'just kill him fckng idiot' 'Auh again,they will just hit words then go, shoot him! '

I just giggled everytime he will cussed just because of the action.

"Aigoo, they are so disgus---" he's about to hissed again but I cut him with a kiss.

I smiled in between our kiss when he froze.

Aigoo... I can't believe I can make him froze like this in just a kiss.

"I love you! "

I said and kissed him again.

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