13. EX

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Sana's POV


"Oh! Mina yaa!" She run fast towards me and smiled, I smiled back. "Mr song informed me that you will be my Senior who will train me for a week, so can we start?" She said showing her gummy smiles woah that was so cute. I nodded " Yeah, but can we wait for a while here?" I pleased as I am waiting for tzuyu to comeback. "Sure, but are you waiting for someone?" She asked and I nodded. "Who?" She asked again.

"Babe------" tzuyu was cut off when he saw Mina. I looked at him confused when he's glaring at her like they already know each other . "Oh Tzuyu?!" Mina said in surprise. Tzuyu faked a smile and looked at me. "I will train together with momo and Chaeng." he said and held my arms away from Mina. "Hmm that's good, BTW I'm going to train Mina for a week!" I said cheerfully. I feel comfortable with Mina anyway, she looks like innocent but really not so.

"What?"  he hissed that made me shocked he then pulled me to the corner and looked at me so bad. I felt nervous again. What's wrong? "Tzu---" he cut me off  . "Renew your schedule Sana!" Again I was shocked , what's wrong with that? I looked at him confused "Why?!" I asked , he Closed his eyes in frustration like he's having a hard time to answer me. "Just renew it!" he hissed again that made me startled

"If you can't answer me why then I don't have a reason to renew it!" I said and push him so I can walked away. I heard him heave a deep sigh and he then pulled me back. "She's my EX! Now happy? Renew it!" he said and walked away leaving me dumbfounded. EX? Is he bitter or what? Why is he so distant to her? Did she already moved on? What the hell?

"Whatever! I won't renew it." I mumbled and went back to where Mina is. I smiled at her and apologized for letting her wait. "Its okay Sana-ssi BTW where is tzuyu?" She asked and I suddenly feel something strange about her. "She went to her co trainees." She nodded as we walked to the oval. "He's  sweet, isn't he?" She asked with a little laugh. "Hmm, he is!" I answered , I don't know but I feel a little bitterness, just a little.

"Well he really is but I hope he's serious!" She said sincerely, I looked at her confused "what do you mean about serious?" I asked and she suddenly snapped out. "Auh! Nothing its just that he never been in a serious relationship almost a year after our---- after ...after he broke up with her past girlfriend!"

My heart beat so fast, I know what her point is but she cut it off and lied. Tzuyu never been in a serious relationship? I hope I'm not one of them and I hope he's serious in our relationship. "Is that so? You seems like you've known him so well!" I said and gazed at her. She smiled secretly but I saw it. Now I'm feeling strange towards her.

"Ah yeah, we've been into a car racing, hiking, bowling and such!" She answered proudly. My instinct is like telling that it was their sweet dates. I faked a smile. "Hmm you two are closed?" I feel like innocent seeking for the crime, oh is that even a thing? "Ahm yeah! But that was before, Sana-ssi come on I wanna start right now!" She said cheerfully and I laugh because of her cuteness.

"You're excited, aren't you?" I asked as we start to our warm up exercise, she shyly nodded "sort of!" , I laugh again.

F A S T F O R W A R D***

Tzuyu's POV

"Chaeng! Is she following me here?" I asked Chaeng while he's sitting beside momo. Chaeng shrugged and stood up. "Tzuya calm down, even if she'll going to follow you everywhere its nonsense unless ..." he paused and rubbed his chin "unless what?!" I frowned. "Unless you still love her!" I literally thrown the remote control I was holding.

"That's more nonsense chaengie!" I said while shaking my head nonstop. "So tell me then, you love Sana?" he said like a women with full of wisdom. I stopped and looked away. I don't know. I'm just happy with her.

"Maybe and maybe not!" I answered , momo poked my head that made me turned to her. "Both answer is not sure Chou Tzuyu, let me guess , you're playing with her at the same time you're starting to love her, am I right?"

Her question suddenly snapped me out and made me think of Sana. I really don't know, its just that I'm happy and every time I'm with her I forgotten about the game. Am I really starting to love her?

"That was too cruel if I don't know. Maybe I should find it out first!" I said and went to my room. I heard my phone rang so I took it and read the callers ID , damn I forgot! Today is Sunday and I have to meet my fiancé. It was my dad.


Meet your fiancé later 8 pm!


At our restaurant!

I hung up the call and grabbed my jacket, it's still 3 in the afternoon so its not bad having time with my girlfriend right?

I went out and went to her suite. I knocked 3 times before she opened it. And when I saw her , I quickly kissed her deep with no extra movement. I suddenly feel missing her even we just hang out a while. "You missed me? Why are you here?" She asked and pulled me inside. I sat on the couch while she went to the kitchen and when she got back she sat beside me and handed me a chips. "Yeah I miss you that's why! And I just want to tell you I'm going out tonight!" I said and hugged her waist she then hugged my neck that make us leaned more closer.

"Why?" She asked while pouting, I giggled . "My dad told me to. Don't worry I'll be back right after and I will sleep here tonight!" I said and kissed her head. She just response with a hummed and she continued watching drama. My eyes were getting heavy as I feel sleepy. She noticed it so she hugged me more tighter and caress my hair so I fell asleep.


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