5. Jelly

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Sana's POV

I looked at the girl who tzuyu talked with a while.

She's pretty but she's not fun to be with.

Lowkey Senior Jennie Kim .

I don't know but I'm starting to hate her.

"Captain! Can I have a lunch with you?" I looked at dahyun who's busy tying his boots .

"Why? Don't you have any friends?" I asked , when he finished tying his boots he stood up and smiled at me

"I have! But I want to be with you this lunch!"

I think first before I answered.

"I don't think I can, I have a lot of things to do today!" I answered , he sighed and just smile sincerely

I turned around and I saw tzuyu surrounded by a lot of girls .

I shook my head, 'this man always brought pain in my ass'

That kissed is my first kiss. But the hell with me, I weakened when he forcedly kissed me.

I went closer to them, and I feel dahyun following me

"Tzuyu! I like you!" I saw a girl with blonde hair handed tzuyu a box of I don't know what.

"Please take this!" Tzuyu smiled and took it. The girl shouted and about to hugged him but he quickly turned away ignoring the girl.

He's still rude.

"You're so attractive Tzuyu!" Another geek complemented him.

Wait! Why am I here? Its lunch so they have the right to do that.

I rolled my eyes.

"Do you have any Girlfriend ?" I was about to walk but I stopped .

That question made me nervous for I don't know the reason.

"Girlfriend? ... Well..." he paused and smiled , I was surprise when our eyes met.

Then his smiles widened

Dug dug dug dug dug

Damn , NOWAY!

"I owned her so maybe yes, I have!"

I didn't noticed I crumpled my fist so hard

What the hell? Am I the one who he referred to?

Auh! Damn you Chou Tzuyu!

I don't like rude person like you, and I will never did.

I walked away and just ignored them.

I looked back and held dahyun's hand without looking at him.

I don't know but I'm not in the right act right now

"Dahyun! Faster !" I pulled him

But I stopped when he pulled me back.

Oh! Dahyun is taller than me?

I was surprise when he hugged me.

My heart beat so damn fast,

"Where not yet a thing but you're getting jelly..."

W...what the hell?!

I tried to push him away but again I'm getting weaker near him.

"That's not good Sana,... But I'm starting to like you more!" he pulled away and walked while holding me.

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