30.End Game

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Third persons POV

"Sana-ssi are you ready? " Sana's  dad asked while flipping  her hair at her back.

Sana nervously nodded.  This is the day she'll  going to marry her love. She's nervous but at the same time excited.

"before I congratulate you I wanted to apologize  for ignoring you when you need me. I'm your father but I look like a traitor. I'm sorry Sana. "

Sana smiled and tapped her father's hand that placed on her shoulder.

"It's  my fault after all dad. You raised me as a good and well mannered
But I ended up nothing. But who knows? I didn't regret everything. " Sana answered and stood up still facing the whole length mirror. Her dad smiled and hugged her back.

"well you're crazy in love with your soon to be husband. I can see how you both love each other Sana. Therefore  I can trust Tzuyu. Building up your own family is the greatest feeling you'll ever had in your whole life.  Just keep on trusting, understanding and loving each other then no one can tear you both apart. "

Sana faced her dad and hugged him back. Tears flow nonstop hearing it at her father.

"Thank you dad, I love you! "

"I'm always here don't forget that I love you too. "


"I can't wait seeing the girl whom the reason why you leave and disobey me Tzuyu. "

Tzuyu's dad said while standing beside him. Tzuyu smiled and checked his watch. 2 minutes more.

"Me too.  I didn't let her talk to you formally, I apologize. " Tzuyu replied.  His dad just patted his shoulders and giggled.

"I can't blame you for hating me. And I'm so proud of you for raising your own self alone. You're so successful right now Tzuyu! " Tzuyu again smiled and nodded.

After 2 minutes, Jungyeon went in and signalled everyone to get ready.  Tzuyu felt his knees were trembling. His dad noticed it so he patted his shoulders once again.

"calm down."

Tzuyu giggled. he breathe a deep air and smiled to his precious  daughter who just came in. 

"My granddaughter  looks so very pretty."

After Nayu Mina, Momo, dahyun and Jennie the most awaited women went in.

Everything feels like a slow motion to the both of them. Tear fell out of the blue. Their eyes were sparkling just like a new strangers who just met somewhere. Their heart beats is uncountable.  Every step Sana did the more she feel relax seeing Tzuyu standing looking at her. 

They both smiled to each other as they reached each hands.

"Hi! "

They both greeted  each other awkwardly like a kid.

"I'm nervous wifey,  do something! " Tzuyu pressed her hand tight to Sana. Sana giggled and pinched Tzuyus cheeks. "I am too pabo! But don't worry,  this is our day! "

As Sana lightened his mood they proceed to the priest and kneel down.

After 30 minutes of ceremony the priest finally declared their legalization as husband and wife.

The most awaited scene.

Tzuyu smiled and Sana does.

"I love you with all of my heart Sana,  I will protect you and our kids.  I love you! "

Tzuyu quickly pecked Sana's lips that made everyone groaned in dissapointment.

"Seems like pecked is not enough Sana! " Tzuyu crazily smiled and smiled cutely.

"It's really not enough.  I love you! "

The end😇😇😇

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