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"I think this one is look better, this one too, oh even this one---auh!  Everything is look fine to you Jennie, just pick whatever. " Tzuyu said while chuckling after he said those.

Sana giggled too while Tzuyu was gripping her hands to Sana's waist not letting her go.

"Haha I think you're right but at least let your wife enjoy our shopping session. Let go of her waist and let her choose what she wants and you can just stay there and wait for us, Chou Tzuyu! " Jennie fired back and pulled Sana to her, Sana giggled again when Tzuyu didn't let her.

"There's a lot of guy who's looking at her so I can't, I'm sorry Jennie Kim."

Tzuyu hugged Sana's waist tightly making Jennie groan in annoyance. While Sana burst into laughters.

"Bruhh, Chou Tzuyu. When you already have three kids that's when you started to be over protective and worst, possessive. Come on, Sana will not going to entertain them anyway, right Sana-ssi? "

Jennie asked Sana and she quickly nodded in response and that made Tzuyu pout.

"Auh!  So disgusting!" Jennie mumbled.

"Okay,Fine! Just make it quick! " Tzuyu rolled his eyes while whimpering.

"Yes babe and don't worry, I won't laid my eyes to any guys except you. "

Sana assured and pecked Tzuyus lips making him smile out of the blue. Sana stood up and they started to look for a dress or whatever girls do.

After minutes he looked for the girls when he felt bored but looks like they were too busy so he just wait again almost 30 minutes.

"Tsk finally! I thought I'm going to wait like forever. " Tzuyu whimpered and held Sana's waist again. Jennie rolled her eyes for the nth time.

"Such a KID! You won't lose her so stop whimpering. " Jennie annoyingly said. Tzuyu pouted and looked at Sana like a kid who wanted to have a lollipop but mom won't gave him. Sana chuckled and held Tzuyu's waist too.

"So I think you're hungry? Sorry for letting you wait, come on. I'll feed you now. "

Sana pulled her husband with her and Jennie rolled her eyes once again.

'Tzuyu isn't like this before . Auh! Maybe that's what he've got being so in love with his wife,  but to be honest. They are really so cute like a teenagers. Tss'

Jennie thought and followed the two asking herself why did she go on a shopping with them when in fact she just wanted to go with Sana.

"What do you want babe? " Sana asked while looking at the menu. Tzuyu smiled ---grinning at his wife.

"You! " Tzuyu answered and that quickly followed with a slap by Jennie. Sana blushed and hide her smiles.

"YAH! Don't you think I didn't heard you both last night? For god sake, the guest room was just right in front of your room. "

Jennie said with voice only enough for them to hear. Sana's cheek tinted as red as tomato and quickly covered her face using the menu.

'Shit! That was too embarrassing '

Sana thought and bit her lips.

"So what? It's natural for us since we're already married. We can do that anytime we want, Jennie. " Tzuyu chuckled and caress Sana's hand.

"Tsk, whatever. Just stop being dirty and order our food now, make it quick I'm hungry. " Jennie said and opened her phone.

Before Tzuyu will order the food she whispered something to Sana that made the latter blushed even more.

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