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Sana's POV

"You're kidding me?" I asked but I can't help myself from hoping that its true.

He shook his head and pulled me to the terrace. He then hugged me tight. I can feel how our both hearts pounding so fast.

"I'm not kidding,Sana yaa! I left you because I want to be with you and Nayu in the right time." he explained while tears falling nonstop.

"My dad wanted me to marry Jennie but I don't want to because I love you , I decided to go somewhere far from him together with Jennie as we both don't want that marriage. I swear Sana! I never forgotten you even a single minute nor a single of time. You and Nayu is my life, I became successful because of you. I love you Sana and I'm sorry..."

I hugged him so tight while slapping his chest.

"Pabo! I will understand you if you told me!" I said while sobbing. He stopped me and kissed my head.

"This wedding is for me and you Sana! We'll live together again, I love you!"

Then our lips pressed together. This kiss is so different, I can feel how we both miss each other for a long time. The touch and lust run to my spine as he deepen the kiss. The respect trust and love is there.

How I love the man whom kissing me heavenly.

"I love you too Tzuya..."


I woke up early to see Tzuyu and Nayu sleeping so well. I smiled to think that we will be a family soon though we really are. I want everything to be legal to everyone's eyes. I kissed their both cheeks and headed to the kitchen

I think I can't take off this smiles I was so happy realizing I will do this from now on. The contentment and bliss I feel is priceless.

I started to make an Italian chicken roll ups while cooking a rise too. After that I made a coffee and milk for my babies. Yes they are my babies. My lovely babies.

After 15 minutes I went back to our room and woke them up by planting them a lot of kisses.

"Wake up Nayu ahh!" I kissed her and tickled her back she then woke up with a laugh. I hugged her while waking up tzuyu too.

"Babe! Wake up!" I said while pinching his cheeks. He then smiled and pulled me together with Nayu.

"Yah! Stop it!" I screamed when he planted a lot of kisses too. "I won't, I never kissed you for almost 3 years Sana! I want to fill all those blank years. Come on kiss me back!" he said still kissing me but I looked away.

"Nayu is watching Tzuya!"

I shouted but I just heard Nayu's laugh at us. Tzuyu grinned and kissed Nayu's lips.

"Who am I to you Nayu ahh?" he asked to Nayu while smiling hoping for the right answer. I sighed. As I looked at them.


I almost cried seeing how tzuyu smiled as he heard Nayu's answer.

"I love you Nayu ahh!" he said and hugged Nayu. Nayu hugged back and kissed tzuyu's lips too.

"Yah! Mom is the only one who allowed to kiss that part Nayu!" I said and they both laugh. "Mommy is jelly Nayu ahh...kiss me more!"

Nayu was about to kiss him again but I covered tzuyu's lips using my hands and secretly kissed him. Nayu is innocent we should be careful.

"Let's have a breakfast FAM!" I shouted and laugh.

I'm so happy and now I don't know what is the definition of being sad at this moment. All I know is...


"Nayu ahh open your mouth the plane is coming~~~" Nayu quickly opened her mouth so wide as tzuyu fed her. I laugh.

I grabbed my phone and took some picture of them.

"Mommy open your mouth daddy is coming~~~"

I frowned. What the---

But I didn't hesitated to open my mouth. As he fed me we both smiled to each other , sparks like a diamond can only be seen to our eyes.

"I love you Chou Sana!"

"I love you more Chou Tzuyu!"

"Lab ju....myy dyy ..."

We both looked at Nayu who's chewing her food. Aww my baby is really sweet.

"We love you more Nayu ahh!" Tzuyu and I said in unison.

"I'm not dreaming right? I feel like everything is so unreal. I'm alone for 3 years and I'm always wishing to see the both of you everyday!"

I immediately hug tzuyu. I can feel how happy he is right now.

"I want us to be like this forever Sana!"

Tzuyu covered Nayu's eyes as he kissed me. A deep and lovely kissed. As he pulled out s
he smiled and Peck my lips again.

"Let's have some family bond today, I'll cancel my meeting."


"I don't wanna play that car bump Tzuyu, everyone were looking at you!" I said while clinging my arms to him. All girls are drooling at him and I want to took all their eye balls and throw it away.

"Don't worry I'm only looking at you Sana!" he whispered and smiled teasingly. I glared at him "You better swear that or else..." I bit my lips to tease h back

"Or else what? Stop biting your lips Sana I may harshly kiss you in no time!"

I giggled and rolled my eyes

"No kiss in one day!"

"You hella kidding me Sana! I can kiss you anytime I want to."

"Bruhh , you wish!"

As I said that, I pulled them inside the photo booth.

"You look good together, is that your daughter?" The girl in the counter asked.

"Yeah!" I answered with a nod.

"And he's the father?" She pointed Tzuyu who's carrying Nayu. I nodded again. She pouted.

"Aww I thought he's single, wanna ask his number tho. But it's okay, you're so pretty anyway!"

I want to slap her at first but, nah she said I'm pretty. Kekekeke


As we get inside we quickly pose randomly in the first shot. 2nd we kissed Nayu's head , 3rd I hugged them both and for the last. I stopped and looked at tzuyu who's already staring at me.


She whispery shouted and pointed her lips.

"Kiss me!"

I grinned and kissed him

As we took the photos , the last shot caught our attention.

While we're kissing, Nayu look so shock but still smiling.

"Nayu ahh you're so cute!"


As you all read , this chap is no jam. I'm so busy nowadays. I'll update again very soon.


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