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Sana's Pov

"Babe let's go somewhere today,  it's Sunday so we have to spend our time with Nayu,  is it okay? " I asked while massaging Tzuyu's back.  he then shook his head that made me pout in dissapointment

"Didn't Mina and chaeng told you that they will go to the park with Nayu? But if you like,  we can go on a date together alone too. " he smiled ear to ear and face me. I secretly  smiled out of the blue. Spending time alone with him?  Cool.

"of coarse, I will definitely  like that babe! " we both chuckled and stood up.  "OK  then let's have A shower together babe... "

"Sure! " I replied seductively. 


"Correct me if I'm wrong but are we heading to Military's  academy babe? " I asked when I realize the road looks familiar. Tzuyus nodded in response and intertwined  his hands to mine.  I bit my lips. "I love you, Sana! "

I tightened our arms. Why do I feel like a teen ager with her boyfriend making me feel heaven with butterflies in my tummy and a girlfriend who looks like red as ketchup  huh?

"Yah!  I said I love you! " I startled when he throw my hand away and pouted like a kid.  I giggled.

"Yah Tzuyu should I really have to say I love you too?  I love you okay? " I shouted back with a giggle.  "Tzuyu? You should call me Babe NO call me hubby from now on wifey! "

That words gave me goosebumps.  What? Hubby wifey?

Damn I wanna laugh out loud right now.  Tzuyu? Think of that really?

"You don't like it?  Do you? " I looked at the window and giggled.  "Aish, you don't have to hide it.  Laugh when you want to but don't expect me talk to you after! "

As he said that,  I burst in to laughter. Whhhhaaaaatttt???!!!!

Why is he so insensitive, huh? he glared at me and speed up the engine that made me stopped and hold onto the seat so fucking tight.

"Yah!  Tzuyu lower down the speed you're going to kill us both.  Ahhhh ..."

"Nope! "

"Tzuyu "




"Fine! Hubby pleaseee"

he then slowly stopped  the car and looked at me.  I took a very deep breathe.

"Can you please say it again wifey? "

He acted cute.

"The 'fine'or the 'please'? " I acted like a dumb.  he shook his head in annoyance.  "After the 'fine'and before that 'please'"

"I don't remember I said something before and after that?! "

he groaned and that is so cute,  he looked away and about  to start the engine again when I stopped him and pinched hsi both cheeks. 

"I'm just kidding,  Hubby!"

I then kissed his nose. I saw the curve starting to form on his lips.

"pardon? "

"I love you my hubby~~~"

"I love you more wifey~~~"

"Wow,  the field looks more nicer than before. Also the quadrangle,  the suits,  comfort rooms, actually  everything looks so good now. " I said amazingly. 

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