3. First Step

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Tzuyu's POV

Why am I here?

This class is so boring but good thing Sana is here, I have the best view.

"Probability of compound events is remarkable that a science which began with the consideration of games of chance should have become the most important object of human knowledge..."

She's really something beautiful ,

I smiled of the thought ' you'll be mine soon"

"So Mr Chou! Pierre simon De  Laplace said that the most important question of life are indeed for the most part,really only problems of probability. Can you give me an example of probability?"

I'm shookt

What the hell? Everyone is looking at me,

How can I answer? I'm not even listening.

"Stood up and answer my question!" My knees are trembling , I don't have any idea.

"I... Don't know... I'm sorry!" I apologized as I stood up.

"Okay, so tell me where is your mind and eyes led on, honestly!" She stopped in front of me.

Damn, honestly? I'm straight forward to everyone but , should I say that....

"Mr Chou!" She shouted but I stayed calm

"S..Sana.." I answered

Everyone seems so shock, Hey! I just answered honestly!

I looked at Sana , she's glaring at me but I just half a smile to her

"So Miss Minatozaki! Since you're interrupting his mind and attention , maybe you can answer my question?" The director went closer to sana , I sat back and smirked

I looked at her again, her faced! Oh I think I should pay for this later.
She stood up confidently

"We'll maybe you all are familiar of games chance such as lotto , you have also learned that the likely hood of winning in any game of chance can be estimated using probability...

However , do you not know that the theory of probability is not only for games of chance?"

I'm literally doomed !!

The fudge, is it wisdom? Or stock knowledge?

"Probability is very useful in many practical and important field in science , engineering, economics and social sciences. And it is also important to the advancement of science and technology."

The director shook her head in disbelieve

Wow , you're turning me on, Sana!

"I'm already used in your knowledge Miss Minatozaki but why do I feel so new every time you'll answer like that, good job!"

Well complementing her is the best thing I can do right now.

She's beautiful, sexy, hot , strong and obviously, brainy!

I stared at her

She glance on me and mouthed something.

' later '

Okay I'm excited Sana, I'm not scared.

After the class , I went out together with Chaeng

"She's awesome tzu near to be perfect!" Chaeng said , I slap his forehead

"Stop that thought! I'll own her so she's mine!" I said cockily , he just chuckled

"But, well she maybe born to be awesome not to be perfect!" We went to the canteen and order some foods

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