31. New Episode

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*after wedding*

"Shall we go with Nayu?  Or we'll go together alone? Babe? "

Tzuyu asked while kissing Sana's shoulders. They are now heading to their mansion to get their lagage. Tzuyu planned to do their honeymoon outside the country.

"I want Nayu to be with us babe. "

Sana answered that made Tzuyu pout. He really wanted to have a solo time with Sana but he can't do anything as she want Nayu to be with them also.

Sana kissed Tzuyu's pout to take it off his face then Tzuyu smiled. He grabbed her waist and kissed her deeply.  Sana flinched and tried to push Tzuyu away as the driver feel awkward.

Tzuyu just smirked and bit his lips. Sana glared at him and pinch his hands that made the latter laugh.

As they reached their mansion,  Tzuyu quickly carried Sana in a bridal style as she really is right now. Sana giggled and clung her arms around Tzuyu's neck.

"I really love you captain, Senior Chou Sana!"

Tzuyu said that made Sana fluttered. They are already married but still, they feel like what teenagers feel.

As Tzuyu opened the door,  the seven dwarfs looked at them strangely. Then Nayu run off to them. Tzuyu help Sana to stood up and he lift Nayu up ignoring the hot glare of the seven dwarfs.

"CHOU TZUYU! Where is our talent fee? "

Nayeon said while extending her hand to Tzuyu then the others followed. Sana looked confused and looked at Tzuyu who's glaring at them secretly.

"Talent fee? For what? " Sana asked that made Tzuyu flinched.

"Auh! CHOU?! Me and jungyeon wanted to go to Swiss."

"Me and Mina in Italy! "

"Me and Dahyun in Canada! "

Tzuyu and Sana looked at jihyo.

"I will stay here. Just give me my part! "

Jihyo said with a peace sign.

Tzuyu sighed while staring at them then Sana face Tzuyu as she really is confused.

"CHOU TZUYU!  Tell me what talent fee was that? "

Tzuyu smiled awkwardly and kissed Nayu's head.

"ahm...fine... I will tell you this... They all know at the first place that the wedding I was working with you is ours. When Jungyeon told you to find another guy is still part of our plan except the kissed! . Sana I don't know what comes into my mind that I decided to troll you.  But... It was all planned. Those guys who tried to approach you was block with these dwarfs. The times when your alone they are always there for you... And... Your business was built because of my help through Nayeon Jihyo and Mina. I love you so much, that's why! "

Sana was taken a back as she heard it from her husband.

"aigoo..." Tzuyu hissed when Sana hit his shoulder.

"And that's what you all call talent fee?! "

Sana laugh at them. They all smiled awkwardly together with Tzuyu.

"Grant what they want, babe.! " Sana said , that made the seven shout in happiness.

"You heard it! Go on! " Tzuyu said and pulled Sana upstairs.


"Nayu -ssi, we'll  going to Singapore so pack your things! "

Tzuyu jokingly said and handed Nayu a small bag. Sana laugh as Nayu went to her own drawer and do as what he said.

"Nayu ahh you're so cuteeee.... " Sana said and hugged Nayu. They are all set but Tzuyu just messed with his daughter. Nayu laugh and throw her mini bag to his dad who can't stop laughing at the moment.

"Let's stop now, we'll going to be late. "
Tzuyu said and carried their bags. They about to go out when they notice the seven dwarfs still there.

"Nayu ahh! Bring something to Pretty nayeonnie ,arasseo? " nayeon shouted and run towards Nayu and kissed her both cheeks. Nayu feel tickled so she laugh. I smiled. I can't believe I have this goddess fam.

"Jihyo-ssi, you'll stay here and take care this mansion! " I throw the key to her then she quickly catched it.

"another fee, CHOU! "
Jihyo replied.

"whatever! " Tzuyu said.

"have fun Chou fam. And good luck to the both of you, I hope Nayu won't disturb your endless moans Sana! Tzuyu, fighting! "

Dahyun said that made Sana blush as tomato. Tzuyu giggled and slapped Sana's butt.

"I will! " Tzuyu said before turning out their mansion.

"I will really give you hard times Sana! " Tzuyu jokingly said. Sana gripped Tzuyu's shirt.

"Yah! " Sana hissed and ended smiling.

They were about to hop in when a car stopped in front of them showing off the smirking Jennie Kim.

Tzuyu smiled and they both hugged eachother.

"So how about my talent fee too Chou Tzuyu? " Jennie extended her arms like what nayeon did.

Sana chuckled and pulled Tzuyu away from their hug.  She's jealous that's why.

"Auh! You already got Lisa but I'll give you bonus right after your labour! Bye! "

Before Tzuyu go,  he kissed Jennie's head and helped the sulking Sana hop in his car. Tzuyu giggled once again and about to start the engine when Sana pulled his neck and kissed him roughly in front of Nayu. The kiss became intense.

After a seconds Sana pulled out while glaring at Tzuyu.

"You're not a type of person who will do that in front of your wife, but I guess I was wrong. " Sana sulked like a mad squirrel that made Tzuyu wanted to burst in in laughter.

Tzuyu gently covered Nayu's eyes and kissed her again. Licking her tongue teasingly, Tzuyu then bit Sana's lips so hard that made the later flinched.

Tzuyu tasted the blood so he licked it and kissed Sana even rougher and rougher.

"hmm... S-stop... t-tzu... Ahmp... " Sana tried to push Tzuyu but she failed. She's loving the kissed Tzuyu gave.

"myy... Dyy... "

They stopped when Nayu called them. They smiled to each other and tzuyu quickly peck on Sana's pointed nose.

"That was just a friendly kiss Sana, but the kissed I'm giving you is the most different. I love you and I wanted to build a strong family with you. I really love you so much, My captain! "

As Tzuyu said that Sana blushed.

"Let's build the strongest fam in the world then.! "

Sana replied and Tzuyu smirked.

Oh no... This is trouble Chou Sana!

"let's start here then! "

Tzuyu teasingly smiled and about to lean when Sana covered her lips.

"Not here. "

"I love you CHOU Sana!"

"I love you more CHOU TZUYU!! "


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Sequel is coming~~~~

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