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Sana's POV

"Nayu come here! let's eat breakfast together!" I offered my both hands to her and she quickly run and hugged me. I kissed her head and lift her up.


I sighed when she mumbled 'daddy' again

"It should be Mommy, Nayu ahh!" I corrected her but she shook her head and mumbled again and again.

"Okay, let's eat we'll go to Pretty Mina's house!" I said and she cheerfully clapped her hands.

"Lab ju...dyy ..."

I was surprise when Nayu said that.

Nayu ahh how can you say I love you to your dad who left us huh? Sometimes I can't stop my self from getting jealous.


I picked up my phone when I heard it rang. I excuse my self to Mina and went out.

Ms Sana! Mr C wanted to cancel your meeting. he wants to spend time with his fiancé and Family.

F*dge! I'm okay, I'm fine, but he don't need to say he want to spend it with his fiancé. I wasn't hurting just---- whatever.

Its okay!

I ended the call and get inside again. My mood springs out after that call.

"I'm fine, I'm okay, I wasn't hurting, I don't care about him, I moved on------"

"Its weird talking alone, Sana!"

I literally jumped out when I heard that familiar voice. What the hell?! I stood up and looked away, that was so embarrassing , pabo sana ya!

"What are you doing here? I thought you'll going to spend time w..with y-your ...f-fiancé..." I asked still not facing him. I'm so red for damn sake. I heard him chuckled and I feel that he's walking towards me. I step backward to avoid him .

"Yeah, but I decided to visit Mina before I'll go!" he answered that made me looked at him straight to his eyes.

"You'll going to visit Mina but you never visit us..." I mumbled , he twitch his brows out of confused. I bit my lower lip. Damn that was close.

"She's at the kitchen!" I said and he nodded.

"BTW where's Nayu?" he asked and I just realized he was carrying a lot of paper bags. "She's with Mina ,why?" I replied and he handed me the bags he was holding. I hesitated at first but ended up thanking him.

"Do I have something here?!" I eventually asked that made us both looked surprise. I quickly slapped my mouth and turned away. Some times I should really have to staple this mouth of mine.

I heard him chuckled again.

"I'm sorry but I forgot to buy you one!" he said and laugh.

Ouch! he forgot about me? Well I'm not that special though.

"Its okay, I was just kidding." I put a little grin so that he will think I'm saying the truth. he just shrugged his shoulders and went inside the kitchen. I heave a deep sigh and opened some paper bags. Its all for Nayu.

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