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My pov

(5 years later)

"happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you happy birth day Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Nayu-ssi!!! "

The visitors sang for the celebrant in front, everyone looks so happy celebrating Nayu's 7th birthday with a a smile on their faces meanwhile the celebrant Nayu were pouting madly knowing her dad isn't here yet. While Sana can feel how sad her daughter is
Make her upset. She called her husband but he didn't answer.

"Make a wish Nayu-ssi! " Sana said while patting Nayu's head. Nayu pouted once again. "I wish daddy is here. " Nayu said and blew her candles. Sana tried to smiled naturally but ended up pissed. She then went to nayeon, Jungyeon and jihyo who's busy playing with the twins.

"Guys can you please take care of them for a while I will just call my husband." as they nodded Sana kissed her twins forehead first.

"Yuri and Riyu behave Okay? " she said and the both of them nodded in response. They are already 4 years old.

She walked inside the house and dialled his husband's number but after almost 10 trials she gave up and heave a very deep sighed.

"Why aren't you answering your damn phone? For god's sake it was your daughter's birthday. " Sana muttered in pissed. She walked out the house composing herself and smiled naturally to everyone. She looked at Nayu who seemed bored looking at the party happenings.

"Nayu-ssi come on smile and show off your beauty! " Mina said cheering her up but it doesn't work Nayu just faintly smiled and looked away.


Tzuyu is still in the middle of meeting but his focus is on his daughter's birthday. He didn't greeted her yet so he wanted to finish the meeting as soon as possible but it doesn't go as what he expect. The meeting went long as they unexpectedly talk about having a new branch from different countries.

He checked the time and curses his own self as he realize it's already 5 pm the party starts at 1-3 pm and he promised Sana especially Nayu that he will attend no matter what happened.

"I think we shouldn't rush the company for now. Let's just plan it quite enough next time. I'm sorry but today is my daughter's birthday I have to go home. I will take my leave now. Excuse me" he said formally and receive a nod from his officers. As he walked out he quickly took his key and gifts for his daughter.


It's already 6 pm as he finally arrived. He saw a lot of catering staffs fixing the tables and such. He sighed feeling guilty and went inside. And there he saw his wife caressing Nayu's hair while looking at the twins who's playing at the moment. When Yuri saw him he shouted and run towards him and Riyu followed after.

"Daddy!! " the boys shouted in unison and hugged Tzuyu's foot. Tzuyu kneel down and kissed his boys cheeks. "how's my boys doing? " he asked while staring at Sana who's eyes were glued at the TV not minding his presence.

"We have a lot of fun in Noona's birthday dad! " Riyu answered. Tzuyu nodded and walked towards his wife, he's about to greet her with a kiss but Sana looked away avoiding him. Tzuyu looked at Nayu who's sleeping at Sana's lap. He kisses Nayu's head and mumbled. "I'm sorry Nayu-ssi. I broke my promise. "

After a seconds Nayu woke up and immediately looked around looking for her dad and she smiled when she saw him smiling at her. Nayu hugged him while sobbing.

"Daddy, why didn't you show up? You promised me that you'll come no matter what happen---*sobs*"

Tzuyu closed his eyes and rubbed Nayu's back gently.

"I'm sorry Nayu-ssi. I'm really sorry... By any chance Nayu-ssi, do you want daddy to do something for you? I'll do it, I swear. " he raised his right hand that made her giggled.

"will you please stop giving promises. You'll just hurt her at the end. You are so busy person that can't even give us a time. Even just a day you never did this past months, keep your promises and eat it. I am so done with that. "

Sana madly said that give Tzuyu a surprise look. She stood up and walked out.

Tzuyu didn't bother to follow and just rested his tired back at the couch but then the twins wanted to play with him that leaves him no choice. They played for almost an hour until the twin got sleepy and so he quickly called their sitters to take them a half bath first. Nayu went to her room and opened the gifts she received for her birthday.

Tzuyu went to their room and saw Sana lying on the bed. He didn't say anything and just took a bath. He's too busy these past months and he is so tired hoping his wife can understand and instead of arguing he wanted her to give him massage just to lessen the tiredness he felt but it didn't go as what he expect for his wife.

His in the middle of the shower when he felt so hungry. He fasten his shower and wear his night clothes.

"Babe, did you ate already? I'm hungry can you please cook for me? "
Tzuyu asked gently as he could but then Sana just ignored him. He sighed and went to the kitchen searching for a food.

A wife should be responsible for her husband's dinner after working hard at his office. But things go wrong and I don't like it.

Tzuyu thought and shrugged it right away. He cook himself an instant noodles. He ate alone at the dinning table thinking about his wife. But he stopped when he thought that his mind were too tired. After he ate he brushed his teeth and watched a TV show not wanting to go to their room. He just wish that Sana is already sleeping when he will go there.

After almost an hour he can feel how heavy his eyes are so he decided to go upstairs and checked his kids. After that he walked to their room and lay down beside Sana.

Sana were facing him so he turned left to turn his back from Sana. Sana feel so broke at the moment she faced Tzuyu's back.

Aren't he going to apologise or do something to ease Atleast my madness?

Sana thought and a tear escaped from her eyes. She missed her husband so much but she couldn't help it. She wanted to hugged him right now but she stopped herself, closing her eyes and just sobs in the middle of the night.

What is love???

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