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My pov

It's already 8 am when Sana woke up, as she slowly opened her eyes she quickly looked for her husband when she felt nothing beside her. "T-Tzu?? " she asked but no one answered she then search at the bathroom but still Tzuyu is not there. She went out of their room and asked the maids at the kitchen but before she could ask she saw her husband silently eating his breakfast.

A tear formed into her eyes as she thought that Tzuyu leave without her knowing and also without saying anything. "B-babe! Are you crying? " Tzuyu asked as he notice Sana's presence. Sana then silently sobbed and made him shock but then he quickly hugged his wife..

"babe what's wrong? Huh?  Tell me? " he asked and kissed her head. Sana shook her head and hugged back but it was too tight.

"I miss you babe. Please stay here just this day... " Sana said while burying her head to Tzuyus neck. For that request Tzuyu heave a very deep sigh knowing he still have a lot of papers to approve but he can't say no.

"If I'll say no what will you do? " he asked cupping Sana's soft cheeks gently. Sana bit her lips and looked down. "Nothing... " she answered.

"Then I think I can't do what you want. " as Tzuyu said that Sana's tears automatically fell down in no seconds but Tzuyu quickly wipe it and kissed Sana's soft lips.

It was deep and passionate.

Sana pulled his nape more closer showing how she missed him so much. But it wasn't long enough as what Sana want it to be. "Babe...  please pleasure me. I need you now. " Sana begged but Tzuyu shook his head and just kissed Sana once again.

"B-babe... " Sana moaned when Tzuyu's kiss went down while circling Sana's waist. He then carried Sana in bridal style towards their room without breaking the kiss and ignoring the maids in the living room.

Tzuyu bang the door and locked it. He then push Sana on the wall and kiss her deep, passionate and rough. His hand trailed Sana's mounds and massage it needingly, his wet lips went to her neck and suck it real hard that made Sana moan in pleasure.

Tzuyu's lips went back to Sana and their tongues battled for dominance and Tzuyu grabbed the upportunity to suck her lips. Blood were tasted but they didn't stop until Tzuyu's phone rang.

"Shit! "

Tzuyu hissed and gently looked at Sana's eyes with full of dissapointment. "Babe I'm sorry, I'll just take this call. " Tzuyu apologise. Sana just bit her lips and looked at him coldly.

Sir, good morning! All the officers and staffs are already here, you're the only one they are waiting for and they are asking if where are you now?

Auh!  I'm on my way. Thank you.

He immediately hung up the call and walked back to where Sana is. "Babe, I really have to go. I'm sorry. " Tzuyu said and about to kiss Sana but she stopped him and walked away.

"Just go! " she firmly said and walked to the twins room. Tzuyu sighed and run to his car.

After 15 minutes of driving he finally arrived at his company and headed to the meeting room. As he stepped in everyone stood up and bowed.

"Good morning Mr Chou! " they greeted. Tzuyu then smiled and bowed too.  "Good morning, so how was the funds going? " he asked and sat on his seat checking the piles of paper in front of him.  "So far among the companies these days we still gathered the biggest profit so no worries for that, sir. " his secretary answered and everyone clapped their hands.

"So we're going to talk about having a branch of hotel and hospital in west..."

A man started and the meeting goes through having a majority decision. They agreed and called it a day. After that Tzuyu were scheduled to check the under construction  hotel. After checking it he then went back to the building and signed the piles of paper needs to approve. He even forgot to eat his lunch. It's already 6 pm but only coffee serves as food on him.

He checked the previous result and other hotels improvements. As the time passes by, he can feel the heaviness in his eyelids. He took a nap but unexpectedly woke up late.

He checked the time and hisses.

"the hell, it's already 10:59?!" he finished signing the papers and quickly walked out the building.

As he arrived at their house. He slowly walk to the kitchen and seek for a food. But it was empty. He opened the fridge and cook another instant noodles again. After he ate he walk upstairs and checked his kids. He was surprised when he saw Sana sleeping with Nayu. He kissed their foreheads and whispered 'sorry'.

He even kissed Sana's lips trying to woke her up and he succeeded.

"Babe, I'm sorry. " he apologised. Sana can feel how her heart slowly filled with uncomfortable feeling towards him.

"it's Okay! I will used to it later on. " Sana coldly said and stood up. Once again Tzuyu can only heave a sigh. His mind is too tired. He just want to sleep and rest but he can't do that in this kind of situation.

They walked out Nayu's room and headed to their room and there Tzuyu asked her.

"Are you mad at me Sana? Why are so cold? " he asked. Sana rolled her eyes and ignored him. "Wow! That what you could only do?  After I died myself to work for you and to our kids, that's all?! Sana!  Face me and answer me. " Tzuyu shouted that made her surprise.

Sana stopped and felt nervous afterwards.

"I am so tired Sana! My mind is so tired and only you can make it acheless but instead you just making it worst! You are my wife and you should be the first one to understand our situation but it turned outs that only me working things out. I'm hoping that everytime I went home you were waiting for me and prepare for my dinner but again it's me who's doing it alone. Sana please... "

Tzuyus voice slowly fading and cracking. He is so tired and such but things got worsen. Sana shook her head while tears flowing nonstop.

"Really?! Then I'm sorry if I'm causing you headaches instead of acheless. You are tired? Then me too. I tried to understand but is it bad missing you so much? That I want to be selfish just for a while to take some of your time? Is it wrong? "

Sana shouted back but Tzuyu suddenly want to punch the wall hard so that the pain will get more painful.

"You tried? You don't understand it Sana! You don't! " he firmly said and pulled  his towel.  "Okay, it's my fault again. I'm sorry. Even if I tried so much effort just to spend time with you and to our kids, fine I say sorry still. And thank you if you tried to understand. "

Tzuyu said and walked out the room. Nothing to talked to. He just cried long enough until he fell asleep.

This feeling is so great yet emotional. Moving up is one of the best feeling especially you feel the support and love from your parents. But emotional because, spending and earning a lot of memorable moments with your best friends will be only a remembrance starting today.

I thanked god as he given me a chance to walk on the stage together with my dad. Cause you know it was rare for him unless you have achieved something honourable. I was just so thankful. I never thought this will happen, yes I acted so cool towards my dad but no, I feel broke deep inside. So I was just sharing, thanks for the support and loved to my stories. And you know, twice gave the biggest part of my inspirations😂

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