11. passionate

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Tzuyu's POV

As we arrive at the parking lot we notice that there is a lot of cars parked here. We just shrugged our shoulders as we don't know why. I carried all the foods I bought and we headed to our respective areas we're about to separate ways when someone cut Jennie off her words

"Thanks for the day------"

"Wow yesterday is our date and today is Jennie , who's next tomorrow then?"

I saw Sana sitting on the bench with ...Mina? What the hell is she doing here?

"I think you just misunderstood this but we just saw each other coincidentally at the mall." Jennie said and bowed a little , Sana faked a laugh. "Whatever!" She said and ignored us , she then continued talking with Mina who's smirking at me right now. Jennie mouthed me goodbye and walked away. I sighed , if Mina is not her friend or best friend either then for sure she will ruin my life.

"Sana!" I said calmly waiting for her response but she's obviously ignoring me. Damn, I'm carrying 3 big plastic bags for damn sake. "Tch" I hissed and walked away and went straight to our room. I saw Chaeng and Momo cuddling while watching TV. I cleared my throat to get their attention. "Oh you're already here?" Moguri asked. I rolled my eyes and say "Obviously yes moguri so if you don't mind can you both please prepare for our dinner and put this all to the fridge!" I said then went to where Sana and Mina is. They are laughing so loud in the middle of the night. Well this is where good Mina is .

"Sana!" I shouted this time. She looked at me with death glares and ignore me once again. "Auh! I'm tired so stop acting like this..." I mumbled and stood in front of her.
"What? Get out of my sight I'm talking with Mina!" She hissed so I glared at her. "No! Let's go!" I pulled her hand away but Mina stopped me and smiled devilishly.

"Wait! Do you mind if you'll going to introduce her to me first before you leave Sana-ssi?" She said that made me more irritated. The fuck is she doing here this time? Sana stopped and smiled at her. "Auh! She's Chou tzuyu, tzuyu she's Mina!" I looked at Sana with a face like 'eh?' Is that all?

"Your...?" Mina asked again while looking at me, I glared at her as I wait for Sana's response "My...my boyfriend!" I sighed , damn why did I get nervous huh? "Ah well good luck!" Mina said and walked away Sana's face were confused so I pulled her hand with me.

"What the hell! Let me go and just continue flirting with Jennie!" She shouted while pulling her hand away from me, I stopped and look at her coldly that made her stiffened and taken back. "I'm not flirting with her, we just saw each other coincidentally and not intentionally, why can't you just believe me and stop your fucking thoughts ,huh?" I shouted too , I saw her knees were trembling and her eyes got teared, did I make her scared of me? "Auh! Sana I'm tired today so please don't make me feel bad because you just thought that we did something that we really don't." I said and hugged her, I really feel sorry for her. I poke her waist when she didn't hugged back. "Sana yaa , are you mad? I'm sorry, I'm just tired!" I said and hugged her more tighter as I heard her sobs

I let go of her and lift her chin up

I kissed her fore head , her nose and her lips. She closed her eyes and wait for my lips to kiss her but I just looked at her and smiled. After a second she opened her eyes as she feel nothing except the air I breathe. "Are you still mad babe?" I asked while smiling cutely to her, I want to see her smile for a moment.

"You took so long talking with your dad, why is it?" She asked without any smile for me. I gulp as I remember what my dad told me. "After we've talked I went to groceries and there I saw Jennie and she asked me to take some coffee, I agreed so we just talked and that's it, are you still mad?" I smiled when she flashed her simple and natural smile for me.

"Hmm not anymore!" As she said that I pulled her to a deep and passionate kiss I can ever gave for her she kissed back in the same intense. I push her to the nearest tree and continued our make out session. She pulled my neck more tighter to deepened the kissed , Auh! I swear , this girl is making me out of my mind.

She stopped, gasping for air and so did I. I smiled at her before I kissed her again.

You're going to meet your fiance next Sunday


Then I'll throw you back to Taiwan without any credits from me, your Mom, Granny's and friends!

I'm enjoying my life with Sana nowadays , why should I have to meet that damn Fiancé?

"Sana yaa, sleep with me tonight!"


Chaeng's POV

"Oh tzuyu is rough ever since!" Momo said while were walking away from that two lovers, yeah we saw everything hahaha

"You know what moguri? I think tzuyu is no longer playing with her!" I said while thinking the times when he's being not himself

"What do you mean chaengie?" She asked. "What I mean is, he changed a lot!" I said , we arrive at our room and sat at the terrace "like what?" She asked again. I smiled
"Like , he never woke up so early before everyday but these days , he's responsibly cooking breakfast 5 am for us and he usually hang out with girls 2-3 times a day but now? I only saw Sana with him everyday!" I said and Momo's face were enlightened so I giggled a little


"Yeah, he even say Sana's name in her dream. But eyy I think he doesn't know it yet, he's still playing while loving her without noticing!" Momo clapped her hands like an idiot. I poke her head slowly to stop

"Woah! You grown up so well chaengie how can you say those?" She laugh and clapped her hands again. Auh! Crazy! Bijj

Sometimes we already fall in love without noticing it. 😇😇

My last update for this year, Merry and Happy New Year everyone💙💙


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