49. Family Date part 1.

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"Sir, Mr Clarkson from Germany, Mr Robert Hans from Australia and Mr Peter Telisman from Croatia wanted to discuss business appointment with you this month. "

His secretary informed him while he's busy signing the previous paper works and as he heard it he stopped from what's his doing and looked at his secretary.

"Appointment? " he asked.

The secretary nodded her head in response making Tzuyu flinched.

"What the---"

"Sorry for cutting you sir but they also inviting you for a business proposal. And after that, your dad asked you to checked the hotel's progress in Switzerland, the hospital in Barcelona, France , Italy and Qatar."

And that made Tzuyu massage his head endlessly frustrated for what he just heard. It's like a world tour for FCK sake and it will took a month. And no way he can bear it.

He sighed deeply knowing he don't have any choice but to go since he is the CEO.

"When is that?" he asked calmly.

"Probably your flight will be the day after tomorrow, Sir. " he nodded and stood up.

"I will go home now cancel all the meetings today and tomorrow. "

His secretary looked shock with her mouth hang open while staring at his boss. 'Eh? ' she thought.

As Tzuyu went out the building he called out nayeon's number and after three rings she answered.

Oh Tzuyu?

Noona, where's my wife and kids?

They fetch Nayu at the school, why?

Nothing, I'm going there. Thank you.

Okay, bye.

Tzuyu put down his phone and drove off to Nayu's school. As he arrived he quickly walked towards Nayu's room and saw his wife with twins playing on the ground. He smiled but then someone approached him. When he realize it was Engineer Elkie he smiled at her.

"Oh Mr Chou? Why are you here? "
Elkie asked while taking off her hat but on the other hand her heart were trembling as if she just saw a jackpot.

Tzuyu glanced at Sana and smiled while pointing his wife who's laughing with the twins.

"I'm here for my wife and kids Ms elkie. How about you? "

And that when her heart started to crumpled looking at where Tzuyu pointing is and saying that he already have a family. She gulped and breathe heavily. She have this huge crush no scratch that she have this feeling when she saw Tzuyu the first time.

"a-ahm... I... I'm here for... My nephew. I gotta go now, Mr Chou. "

She bowed making Tzuyu looked at her confused of her sudden change of mood. From bubbly to sad.

"Okay, take care. "

Tzuyu said and walked towards his wife. As the twins saw him they screamed and run to him.

"Daddy! "

Sana looked back and immediately smiled when she unexpectedly saw her husband. She waited for her husband to sit beside her still wearing her grateful smiles.

"Babe! Why are you here? " Sana asked as soon as Tzuyu sat beside her. Tzuyu kissed Sana's head before answering.

"I cancelled everything so that I can spend more time with you and also I want to have some break to the stressful paperworks. "

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