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Tzuyu's POV

"Babe! I have something for you but before that we'll go to Mina first to bring Nayu there." I said while hugging her back as she's washing the dishes. She hummed and nodded.

"Where?" She asked

"Secret for now!" I smiled. After a minutes I decided to take a bath first then went to Nayu.

"Nayu ahh you look so good, come here!"

Nayu quickly run to me , I smiled and went to the couch waiting for Sana.

After 15 minutes I just realize Nayu slept in my shoulders. I smiled and lay her down the couch. I then stood up and went to Sana's room. Why did she took so long huh?

As I get in, I saw be making up herself in front of the mirror. I walked closer and rested my chin to her shoulders

"You look so beautiful Sana!" I said and kissed her neck. She feel tickled that made her moved away and giggled.

"I should have to. Chou Tzuyu may look at the other girls if I'm ugly." She pouted and I giggled.

"Yah! I can look at them but they can't replaced you. Even if you're uglier than the ugliest , even if you are fatter than the fattest I love you. And no one can take you away from me!"

Its true. Sana is my life and I love my life for having her and Nayu. No Sana No Life.

I hugged her waist as she blushed. She tried to hide her smiles but I already saw it.

"Make it fast, I'm excited!" I said and held her chin up.

"You look pretty no need to put blush on as I can make you blush anytime. No need for that lipstick as I can make your lips redder and no need for you to make your self up as I know you are more prettier than the prettiest."

I kissed her head when she's getting more redder. I chuckled then went out. She followed and I carried Nayu again to my car.

"Give Nayu to me, Tzuya!" As she said I give her the sleeping nayu and hop in.

"Make sure I'll be happy to your surprise ,Tzuya!" I took a glance to Sana and I pouted

"Yes of course , I'm confident Sana!" I smirked and I heard her giggled.

"BTW I thought Jennie is pregnant?"

"Yeah, she was! Don't tell me you thought I was the father, Sana!"
I laugh when she glared at me.

"Then who if its not you?"

"She have her boyfriend since then. We are just close Sana and besides she's the one who insisted to helped about the wedding plan."

I saw her bit her lips in embarrassment. I chuckled again.

"Did you get really mad when I left Nayu and choose the date over her? Or....."

"Or did I get jealous that's why?"

She nodded shyly

"You know getting jealous easily is not me. But when it comes to you yes I'm getting jealous just by a second. Actually I'm both mad and jealous." I answered honestly. She then laugh.

After 20 minutes we arrived at Mina's house. Sana looked surprise seeing Momo with Dahyun, Jungyeon with Nayeon and Mina with Chaeng. I chuckled when I saw Jihyo alone.

"Jihyo! Nayu will be your partner!" I walked towards them and smiled. I winked at them. There's a secret behind it.

I walked towards Sana and we headed off.

"Its a little bit far Sana, you can take a nap." I said while focusing on the way. She sighed and followed. I checked the time and its already 5 pm. We didn't have our lunch yet. And its too late. We'll have dinner then.

I stopped at a restaurant and ordered a food. As I went back at the car Sana is sleeping peacefully that made me smile.

"You are my everything Sana, I don't know how to live without you anymore. I love you!"

I whispered hoping she can hear it.

After almost an hour finally we arrived. I tapped her shoulder to wake her up. She rubbed her eyes and looked around.

"Oh? Why took us so long? Where are we Tzuya?" She asked. Instead of answering her I went out and opened the door for her. She looked confused and I feel that she's a little bit nervous.

"Sana...I've been working so hard just to built this masterpiece for you, for Nayu and to our future kids..." I hugged her at her back and looked at the 2 storey Mansion. A tear fell down my eyes when a suddenly flash of hard works I've been through for the past 3 years.

Sana covered her mouth of her both hands and I heard a little sobs from her.


"Let's get inside!" I said and guided her inside the mansion. I opened the gate first then the main door of the mansion. We roamed our eyes enjoying the beautiful chandeliers , antique jars and dollars worth things. But only one thing captured my eyes.

"Sana...are you happy?" I asked , she throw a weak smile and nodded. I can see how happy she is by just staring at her beautiful eyes.

"Let's take a look upstairs!" I guided her up again as we roamed around the house. We opened each room and there is almost 8 rooms not including the master's bedroom.

We stopped at the last room.

"I guess this is the master's bedroom Babe!" I whispered right to her ears. We both smiled and get in.

"Wow! This is so big Tzuya..."

I smiled.

"Yeah this is where we will cuddle each other, your moans and groans will be heard only by me, Sana! And this is where we will make another Nayu!"

And in that, I forcedly kissed her pulling her more closer to me. She then wrapped her arms around my neck , I bite her lips and she quickly opened her mouth. Our tongue fight each other.

I can't take this anymore. She's drowning me crazy wild beast.


She moaned when I trailed her neck biting it leaving red marks. I pulled her down the bed and start unzipping her dressed. She pulled my head back to her lips and kissed me passionately

"I'll start making you arched now babe, I want another Nayu!"

"Nayu is still young Tzuya..."

"So? You can't resist me! You need me inside you Sana..."

I cupped her right breast and she groaned.

"What do you want? Smooth or rough?"


"Shh I did nothing yet Sana. I missed you!"

I kissed her roughly and continue giving her shots.



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