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Sana's POV

"Tzuyu please! Answer your phone."

I dialled his number almost hundred times now but he didn't answer even once. I brushed my hair using my hand and sat down Mina's couch. Mina and Chaeng is just looking at me while carrying Nayu.

"Sana, tell us what happened first!" Mina said and grabbed my phone. I then wiped my tears and hugged her. She hugged me back in comfort.

"M..mark kissed me in front of Tzuyu..."

I break down in tears again. Mina rubbed my back and helped sat back on the couch.

"What the hell?! Why?!"

Chaeyoung shouted. He's worried I know, they are best friends.

"I'm sorry, I was shocked of his sudden action Chaeng, I didn't mean to froze and longing that kissed!" I explained between my sobs. Its still my fault.

"Where is Tzuyu?!" Chaeng asked. I shrugged my shoulders and sighed. "Tzuyu didn't slept with us last night!" I answered.

Tzuyu's POV

"Fuck that Mark! I will going to kill him!" I shouted and throw the glass in front of me. Jennie startled and calmed me.

"Tzu lower your temper please, you're affecting my baby!" She said and massage my back. I closed my eyes in comfort.

"Are you mad with who?" She asked massaging my head. I crumpled my fist. "Of coarse to that jerk! I swear, I'm going to kill him!"

As I remembered that the kissed longing because sana let him to. I crumpled my fist even tighter.

"Right! So talk to your soon to be wife and answer her almost hundred calls Tzu!" I sighed. I don't want to. I'm mad at her also. She like it ,I guess.

"Oops its getting darker tzu, I have to go home now Lisa is waiting for me." She giggled showing off her smiles. I smiled seeing it. Just too cute to be honest.

"I'll take you home then!" I suggested and stood up. She nodded and walked out first. I followed and send her home.

"Thanks Tzu! Fix your problem ,arasseo?" I laugh, she looks like a mad mom to me. "Yes yes,Senior Jennie Kim!" I saluted and kissed her cheeks.

"Take good care of your baby, okay? Regards me to Lisa! Bye!" I patted her head and opened the gate for her. I'm about to open my door's car when my phone rang.

It was Chaeyoung. I answered it quickly.


Yah! Sana is drunk! Come here ppali!

What?! Where are you?!


I quickly hop in to my car and start the engine.

As I arrived I run towards the gate and opened the door.

"Sana! Tzuyu is here!"

I widened my eyes seeing her face awfully and full of tears. I slowly walked towards her. She smiled at me and hugged me so tight.

"Tzuya...I'm sorry..." She cried but I just let her hugged me without any response. Im mad at her too, no one can blame me.

"Where is Nayu?" I avoided her gazed and just looked around the area. "Tzuya..." She even tightened the hugged not letting me go. "Sana I can't breathe, let go!" I said coldly. I can smell the alcohol on her scent. She didn't move so I pulled her hands away so she then cried more loudly like a kid.

My eyes lidded half and went to where Mina pointed the room. I saw Nayu playing alone with the dolls I called her and she quickly run to me.

"Let's go home,baby!" I said and lift her up.

I'm about to go out when Sana stopped and stood in front of me.

"Tzuya let me explain ...you just can't be mad without any reasons!" She said while holding my arms but I thrown it away. I'm mad and I don't wanna see her for now. That scene is still fresh in my mind.

"You can't do anything as I'm already mad,Sana! Let's go home now fix your self!" I said coldly again. I saw Mina and Chaeng looking at us trying to ignore what they've heard. I sighed when Sana did nothing but just cry.

"Sana I'm tired let's talk about this tomorrow. Explain everything tomorrow I will listen, not now. Its still fresh!" I pulled her out and bid goodbye to Mina and Chaeng.

As we got home. I changed Nayu's dressed to Pajama's and lay her down the bed. As soon as she slept I went out the room where sana is still sobbing at the couch.

I sighed and walked towards her.

I can be mad, but I will never break up with her again. Never. I love her so much with all cost. I hugged her tight. She startled but when she realized its me she hugged back and buried her face to my chest.

"Tzuya I'm so-----"

"Sana let's sleep!"

I cut her. I really don't want to talk about it for now. I kissed her head and went to her room where Nayu is sleeping. I lay down and hugged Nayu.


I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt Sana tickled my ears. She's saying something so I stayed still and just listened.

"He kissed me Tzuya... I was froze for a while that I can't even move. All I think was you Tzuya...I'm sorry... Don't be mad now please..."

She cried again. I can't take this any longer , I love her ,I don't have to hurt her and make her cry. I turned to her and quickly kissed her lips. I bit her lower lip that made her cry in pain. She closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around my neck to deepen the kissed

From passionate to rough. She then tried to took off my shirt but she failed when I stopped her.

I stood up and pull her out the room and smashed her at the couch. Then our lips pressed again like a magnets. With no words I took off her shirt and unclasped her bra.


I feel more hot when she moaned as I massage her breast. I slowly run my hands to her body down to her treasure.

"Tzuyu I love you, I'm sorry..."

I kissed her lips again.

"You're going to scream only my name the whole night Sana, this will be your punishment!" I seductively bit my lips and play my hands to her pearls.


"I love you Sana..." I kissed her one last time and covered our naked body using the comforter.

"I'm so tired ,Tzuya!"

I laugh. Who will not? We just explore her house leaving a loud noise , moans and groans.

From the couch, to the kitchen , to the terrace, bathroom and to her bed.

"That was so please punishment ,babe!" She said and kissed my chin. "Hmm. I should be the only one who can pleased you Sana, no one so it should be Chou Tzuyu only, you got that soon to be Chou Sana?"

She giggled

"Aye aye captain!" She saluted




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