50. Saddest

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"Mom please let go of a dad for a while we'll going to swim now. "

Nayu begged while pulling Tzuyus arms but Sana didn't grant her instead she hugged Tzuyu tightly.

"I'm sorry Nayu-ssi but you aren't allowed to swim while the sun pouring so hot. " Sana said in a gentle way Nayu could understand. She nodded while pouting making her parents laugh.

"Nayu-ssi, do you still feel heavy breathings? Or do your heart beats abnormally these days? " Tzuyu asked as he let Nayu sat on his lap.

"I still do. To be honest, it's getting heavier each day dad. " Nayu replied honestly making them surprise and worried.

"A-are you serious? " Tzuyu asked hoping Nayu were just joking but deep inside him felt pain.

"Yes dad. I sometimes keep wondering if the medicines really works. I feel tired of the taste, the big capsules, injections and many things. "

Sana's tears fell down as she heard it and immediately hugged Nayu. Tzuyu took a very deep breath and patted Nayu's head.

"Are you crying mom? " Nayu asked and caress Sana's cheeks wiping the tears.

"Sorry for making you both worried all day because of me. I promise, I'll be strong. "

Tzuyu wanted to let out a sobbed but he stopped his self and looked away avoiding to crack up.

"Yes please... Be strong Nayu-ssi. " Sana whispered and kissed Nayu's cheeks. She nodded but then suddenly she felt a very deep sting inside her heart like it was sewed deeply many times.

Sana and Tzuyu noticed that Nayu was having a discomfort from breathing. They panicly stood up and shrugged Nayu's shoulders.

"N-Nayu-ssi... What's wrong? "

Tzuyu exclaimed nervously. Nayu cried out of pain and rubbed and punch her chest.

"I... I-it hurts... D-dad... *panting* mom... "

Sana cried and Tzuyu run towards his car followed by Sana forgetting about the twins who panicly followed too worried about their Noona.

"Noona! Noonaaaa... "

Yuri and Riyu shouted while crying running towards the car but the car already drove off making them cry even more.

"Yuri! Riyu! "

Jihyo entered the house and quickly run to them worried with a tear on her eyes too followed by the others.

"Nayu-ssi... " Sana cried while hugging Nayu who's struggling to breath while screaming because of the pain.

"Ahhhh.... *sobbed* m-mom... "

She cried, she screamed, she prayed silently but the pain didn't fade even a little instead it's getting painful every seconds. The feeling of being sewed deeply many times is more painful than being stabbed multiple times.

"God please... Nayu-ssi... "

Nayu gripped on Sana's shirt trying to ease the pain but she can't as she slowly getting weak while her tears falling nonstop.

"It hurts... So.. Much...mooommm!"

She cried endlessly rubbing her chest deeply but Sana stopped her and just hugged her tightly. Tzuyu cried silently while trying to speed up the best he can to reach the hospital.

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