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Sana's POV

"Babe... Wake up" I patted tzuyu's head slowly to wake him up but he's so sleepy so I just smiled and kissed him gently. I stood up and went to my suite , it's not good seeing a senior sleeping in juniors suite. I checked the time and its still early 4 am but I took a bath and change to my uniform, wait! I don't know who I'll train today, I forgot to asked director song last night. Aish!  

I heard my phone rang , I read the caller first before I answered. Tzuyu?

Good mor-----

Sana! Where are you?

I was shock when he shouted it on the phone. I gulped.

I'm ...I'm here in my room,why?

Why didn't you wake me up? Damn , I thought .... I t-thought y..you leave, Auh fuck! That was just a nightmare , okay bye.

I heave a sigh , I thought he's mad that made me nervous.

I'm sorry, I'll go there in a minute!

I said and hung up the phone. A nightmare? I smiled secretly knowing that he got mad just because he thought I leave him. I tied my hair first and sprayed some perfume , after that, I went to director song office first. I knocked on the door and he quickly response to let me in.

"Good morning director song!" I salute and stood straight. "Good morning, here is your schedule for this week!" He handed me a paper so I took it and read. Oh Myoui Mina? For a week? This is good. "Thank you director song, I should go now!" I salute at him again and went to Tzuyu's suites. As I entered I walked straight to his room but he's not there , I also checked the bathroom but he's not there too. Oh where is he?

I suddenly felt a hug from my back.

"Babe..." he whispered right to my ear, I stiffened as I feel tickled. "Good morning!" Damn it, his voice were so husky that made my heart beat so fast. "Hmm you even smell so good!" he leaned down to my ears then to my neck and smell it, "hmm" I moaned. "Babe, stop it! Let's have a break-----hmm" he harshly kissed me and push me to her bed, Auh here we go again, my lips hurts last night til now and early this morning he's going to make it worst? But hell yeah, I like this.

He deepened it more, I want to scream as he bit my lips, I tasted the blood and I hope he does too to make him stop. Thank god he pulled away "I'm sorry let me kissed it again to stop the blood from flowing!" he said cutely and about to kissed me again but I covered my mouth , he glared at me jokingly. "No need it will heal later!" I said and giggled a little. "Okay fine! But promise me no one should kissed your lips except me?" he sounded so childish but I like it. I nodded and pecked his lips. "I promised!" he smiled "That's my girl!"

He helped me to stood up and we went to their kitchen. He told me to sit on the chair cause he's going to cook breakfast for me. He can be a perfect husband even if he's so bipolar and rude but who cares? I love him anyway.

I bite my lips as I found him hot with apron but the hell I forgot my lips is aching. "Aish!" I hissed that made her turned to me , I tasted the blood again. I was surprise when a lips pressed onto mine, he licked the blood and teased me. Damn you! Chou Tzuyu!

He smiled crazily and continued cooking. After almost 30 minutes he prepared the plates and placed the food he cooked "Hmm smell so good!" I complemented . He took off the apron and we started eating.

After we've ate, he took a bath so I watched drama for a while as his two suite mate just woke up and greeted me ,I greeted back. "Oh senior Sana what happened to your lips?" Chaeng asked while giggling, I turned away as I feel my  cheeks burning like tomatoes. "Ahm...I ... " he cut me off "Forget it and forgive our best friend for being so greedy to you!" They laugh and went to the kitchen

I sighed and giggled "Yeah he's greedy and I like it!" I mumbled. I checked the time and its already 6:13 am 17 minutes more. I heard his door bang and he showed up wearing his uniform , messy hair while looking up as he's wiping his wet neck. I gulped , what the, he's so hot, that jaw line, sexy gestures and goddess face! God! Is he really mine?

"Babe! Stop drooling, I'm yours!" he said and laugh , I guess the two dorks heard it as they laugh out loud too , I blushed. "You're blushing, so cute!" he walked towards me and pulled me out of their suite. "So who will train me today?" he asked , I probably don't know. Je intertwined our hands and I feel butterflies in my stomach , my heart jumped so high also. "I don't know who but we can asked Senior Park Jihyo!" I said and he nodded "Senior Minatozaki Sana.." She said and I looked at her confused.  "That was too long, I want it to be 'Senior Chou Sana'" again my heart jumped too tooo high.

"Alright! That sounds more better!" I said. I giggled as he laugh. I didn't knew he has this side and I'm falling more harder on her. "Tzuya!" I stopped from walking and faced him, she looked at me and smiled sweetly. "I love you Tzuyu!" I said

But as he heard it his smiles fade away and he looked at me coldly. I feel like my heart weakened and the butterflies fly away from me. I'm about to look away when he held my chin up and kissed me. He kisses me slowly and gentle, the respect and love the way he moved his lips. A tear escaped from my eyes.

"I love you too Sana!"


Last night I've watched the satzu FMV and the tittle is 'not so basic about satzu' made by secretstars  , and I feel like motivated to make this story more better. I want to recommend it to all sapphires here, I swear it will make your new year more happy.


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