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"Babe, let's go to the souvenirs shop there! "

Sana pointed the shop while quickly walking towards Yuri and Riyu who's playing at the sand, Tzuyu then nodded and held Nayu's hand.

"Okay, let's call the other couple then. " he said and walked towards the couples who's enjoying playing at the sand. He sighed before he called them.

"It's nice seeing you all enjoying but I want to interrupt it. Please go with us at the souvenirs shop! " he said with a bit of authority and walked with Nayu towards Sana and his sons.

The seven so called dwarfs followed while a poker face shown clearly at their faces. Sana chuckled and they headed to the shop. As they get in Sana quickly grabbed three modern hat and put it in her husband and sons head while she grabbed two pussycat and wore it to her and Nayu.

"ahm, Mina-ssi can you please take a photo of us here? "
Sana asked while handing her phone to Mina. Mina rolled her eyes jokingly and took her phone. The Chou family smiled at the camera while holding each arms.

"Okay, one. Two. Three. *click *" they then pose a wacky face. "*click*"

Mina handed back her phone. And Sana smiled widely. It's so cute. She thought.

Mina runned back to her boyfriend Chaeyoung and looked for a couple shirts and anything that is related to a couple thingy the same with the other couple. Meanwhile jihyo were busy alone looking for something may catch her eyes but looks like, nothing will.

She's walking along the couple side when suddenly she bumped someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry" she apologised while bowing but then the man blushed suddenly that made jihyo looked confused but at the same time she feel awkward.

"Ahh... It's Okay. You're jihyo right? BTW I am AF Amir! "

(lol. Just so you know I am MirHyo shipper) 

He handed his hand while jihyo hesitatedly took his hand for a shake hand.

"ah yeah, see you around! " jihyo bowed again and walked away with him. Suddenly 2yeon approach her. "ahem. So did he get your number? " nayeon asked while winking teasingly. Jungyeon chuckled while slapping jihyo's melons. Jihyo rolled her eyes and walked away ignoring them. She just went to Nayu and asked her to company her for a while since she's alone.

While Tzuyu were busy flirting with his wife not letting her go further even just one meter away. Sana noticed it and whispered to him.

"you look like a possessive husband babe. You know,  you can let me go get some what I want without bothering yourself. "

Tzuyu giggled and instead of replying he kissed her soft lips gently while rubbing her back. Sana smiled between the kiss and pulled out.

"Not here! " Sana teased and walked towards Riyu and Yuri. He just sighed and smiled afterwards.

"Dad! Can I play volleyball with the kids there? " Nayu asked while pointing the mini court. Tzuyu instantly shook his head.

"I'm sorry but you can't Nayu-ssi. Just come here and let's play together. " he replied and Nayu pouted. "But dad I want to play volleyball. I love playing it so pleaseeee? "

Sana stopped as soon as she heard it. She then looked at Tzuyu who's staring at Nayu awfully.

You can't play Nayu-ssi. But I don't want you to feel hopeless.

Tzuyu thought and nodded slowly but Sana oppose right after he agreed it.


"Yes!  Thanks dad, see you later "

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