9.Date part2

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Sana's POV

"I like that horror one!" I said while pointing in the screen

"No I don't like horrors, I like to watch that 'Star wars the last Jedi'"
he said and about to go in the ticket booth but I quickly grabbed his hand away

I'm not into that kind of movies and its not romantic either

"Yah! What are you doing?!" he hissed but I ignored him

I can't argue with himin front of so many people , I stopped in the corner

"What? The movie will start in a minute let's go back!" he pulled me with him but I stopped him.

"We'll only go back if you'll choose the horror movie!" I said

I saw his lips starting to get pale.

Oh don't tell me he's scared?

"Tzuya ,you scared?" I teased and pinch his waist

He gulp and shook his head

"I'm not! But I hate it, I like star was so I'll choose it---"

"Okay then go by yourself and I'll go back to the academy!"

I fixed myself and about to walked away when he held my arms to faced him

he heave a sigh so I smiled

"Fine! You win!"

he pulled me to the ticket booth and bought two tickets, he then bought some popcorn.

While lining up i saw his hands were shaking.

Damn I wanna laugh right now

I just hold his hand and pressed it

"Stop shaking, I'm here!" I said then smile cutely to him but he just rolled his eyes

"I'm not, I just feel cold!"

I smiled secretly, you can't lie Tzuya.

As we entered , I pulled her to the up seats to be comfortable while watching.

"Sit here babe!" I said and tap the seat beside me

"Don't call me babe, I'm mad!" he hissed and I chuckled because of hs cuteness.

Damn, why did I fall for this one huh?

"Babe!" I teased

"Stop it!" he whimpered

I hugged his arms and do an eagyo

"Saranghae ~~~"

I saw him stared at me expressionless, eum I think he's really mad .

"The movie will start babe~!" I said cheerfully

I fluttered when I saw him smile as he looked away

"Okay!" he replied

BTW the movie I choose is 'The Mimic'

I didn't watch this yet so I'm excited

I felt Tzuyu's hand were shaking while eating the popcorn, I smiled mentally, I didn't know he's afraid in this kind of movies

I hold on to the seat handles as I feel the thrilling part is coming

The kids were finding their lost dog on the cave , the place is so peaceful but creepy.

"Oh M G.." I mumbled as the girl entered her half body to the cave

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