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My pov

"Nayu-ssi come on let's play the rope their! " Tzuyu shouted while carrying Yuri and holding Riyu's hand as they went out to explore the happenings around the school.

Nayu shook her head while panting heavily. She runned together with her dongsaeng a while that made her look pale out of tiredness. "I'll stay here dad!  I'm tired! " she shouted back while her sweats were falling nonstop. Sana came with her towels and wiped Nayu's sweats. After that, she turned her gaze to Tzuyu who's talking to a random girl right now.

She just looked down and realize the jealousy Tzuyu felt a while. She wanted to go there and pulled her husband's hand but she can't, he's mad. When she gaze again at him, Tzuyu were no longer there, she looked around and took a relieved breathe when she saw him playing with the boys alone.

Sana walked towards them and wiped Yuri and Riyu's sweats with another towel. "Are you not hungry yet? " she asked at the twin but the two just shrugged so she smiled and turned to Tzuyu to wipe him too but he pulled out his own handkerchief and wipe his sweats. Sana looked down again trying not to let a tear escape.

"Daddy, I want to have that gun too! " Yuri shouted while pointing the gun a kid were playing with. Tzuyu quickly shook his head.

"it's restricted to a kid like you Yuri! " he said and Yuri pouted. Sana slowly walked away and wiped her tears. "Hey mom! Are you crying? " Nayu asked when she noticed her mom act. She shook her head. "No I didn't,  it's just a dust when the wind blew. I'm Okay! " Sana smiled and bit her lips.

"Dad thanks for the day I really have fun a lot. I love you and good night! " Nayu said and kissed Tzuyu's cheeks while carrying her bags. Tzuyu stared at Nayu when he noticed that Nayu look so weak, may be she's just tired.

"You look tired. Go take a rest now. I love you too! " he then kissed Nayu's head and carried the sleeping Yuri at the backseat. While Sana still quiet holding Riyu's arms. They get inside and Tzuyu lay down Yuri on his bed, he then walked to their room and took a bath.

Sana nervously sat on their bed while trying not to burst into tears. She's waiting for Tzuyu to come out and talk to him. Yeah, she got enjoyed with Daniel but she doesn't mean anything. She doesn't know that her husband will come but he came and notice everything. Not long after, Tzuyu went out the bathroom and gaze coldly at Sana.

Sana took a deep breathe and stood up.

"B-babe... I know you are mad. B-but please listen to me first. " Sana pleased while trying to touch him but Tzuyu stepped back and fake a smile.

"OK, I'll listen! " he said coldly. Sana gulped 3 times and nervously bit her lips for the nth time.

"Please look at me first. " Sana tried to hold back her tears but she can't as Tzuyu turned to face her as she said so.

"Everything you saw was meant nothing. Nayu wanted to play but the rules stopped us, you are not there and I feel sad about it. But then Daniel approached us, they can't play with the same reason. Nayu and his son wanted to play but they can't. So... "

Sana paused when she realize that Tzuyus stares were so cold. She can't read and predict what's on his mind. And that gave her another batch of heartbreak.

"So... We decided to team up and play with them. I admit I enjoyed playing with him but it doesn't matter anyway. Now, you heard it. Am I forgiven? " Sana asked as gentle as she can.

"That's it? Well, nice try. I hope this is not the last time you'll meet eachother. You both look good to be family team B. Yeah, it's sucks! "

Tzuyu said sarcastically and turned away from her ,he's about to picked up his phone but Sana grabbed it and throw it away.

"Are we going to argue about it?! Huh?! It's not that we did something else,Tzuyu! We just played because you are not there! I was forced to do it even though I don't want to! If I failed you to be a good wife then I'm sorry! Atleast... At least I didn't failed to be a mom. "

Sana shouted not in anger but in heart ache. Tzuyu frustratingly looked up and sighed.

"So you're telling me that I failed as a father? Okay, I admit it. But at least I died myself for a reason! If only you knew how tired my mind everytime I go home you'll not going to say that. But all you knew is that I am a busy person and that's it!" Tzuyu shouted back.

On the other side. Nayu went to her brothers room and covered Riyu's ears when Riyu started to asked why their parents are shouting and arguing. Nayu cried silently while tooking a very long breathe as she felt being lack of air. Her heart pounding so fast confused of what she's feeling at the moment. It's not the first time but it's so painful in her left chest. She rubbed it. It feels like being sew multiple times. She wanted to shout but she can't

"Yeah that's it. And you failed as a husband too Tzuyu! You changed! You changed a lot! "

"Shut up Sana! You don't understand what I've been through this past months so you shouldn't say that. And about that Kang Daniel?! Don't. You. Ever. Go. With. Him. Again. You understand? "

He firmly said with full of authority but then Sana cried and shouted.

"YAH YAH YAH!!! Stop being shit! I will never do that. Just please... Forget it and forgive me. Please... " Sana cried feeling weak. Tzuyu fake a laugh and about to walk out the room but then Riyu came in while nervously panting.

"Riyu? " Tzuyu asked and walked towards him.

"dad... N-noona... Noona... "

Riyu breathe heavily that made Tzuyu felt nervous the same with Sana.

"Why? " he asked.

"d-dad. She passed out. Noona was breathing so heavily a while. I don't know wh----"

Tzuyu quickly run out to their room and saw Nayu struggling to breathe.

"Nayu-ssi! "

"D-dad... I... I...c-cant... *breathe heavily * b-breathe... "

And that's when a tear from Nayu and Tzuyus eyes fell at the same time.



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