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Sana's POV

"Congratulations Sana dear you're 8 weeks pregnant"

My heart beat so damn fast, I then suddenly feel my knees were trembling, I'm so happy yet so nervous, I wanna jump yet I want to swim. Seriously? I'm going to be a mom?

Tzuyaa we're going to  be a parents soon...

I let a tear escaped from my eyes and hugged my auntie. "Thank you auntie..." I almost cried in her shoulders when she tapped my back "Yah! Don't stress yourself okay? Its not good for your baby and is the father of your daughter handsome or...."

I laugh, if only you knew auntie he's so damn hot and so handsome .

"He is auntie!" We both laugh and hugged each other once again. She then gave me vitamins and advised. I happily took it and as I went out. I decided to call tzuyu for this beautiful news.

I suddenly feel weakened when I can't still contact him.

"What's wrong Tzuya? Answer the phone pleaseeee...." I almost cried again out of frustration, I can't stress myself so please show up! Even just a text its fine just tell where and why are you busy? Tzuya please??

I closed my eyes and gave up. I went home and I saw Chaeyoung sitting right in front of my door. I looked at him when he saw me he then stood up and bowed.

He's out together with tzuyu 1 month ago. Why is he here?

"Sana-ssi ... Mina told me y..you're sick..." Chaeng said , I feel his nervousness, my brow then twitch. "Yeah, but she should tell tzuyu instead of you..." I replied that made him looked down.

"Do you know where is he? Chaeng tell me please if you know..." I held his both hands he then gulped and looked away. Something wrong...

"h...he j-just left ..."

I feel like I was hit by a huge Stone right to my heart. My eyes become blurry and my knees were trembling , I shook my head.

No...not this time Tzuya...I need you

"W..where did he go? Tell me Chaeng please I'm pregnant I need him!" I begged, chaeyoung looks so shock

"W-what? You're pregnant?" he asked and I nodded many times. I felt my tears flowing but I ignored it.

"Chaeng pleaseeee..."

He took his phone from his pocket and dialled Tzuyu's number. I heave a deep sigh. Thank God.

Tzuyu! Sana wants to talk to you.

I quickly grabbed his phone and turned away to him.

Tzuya, where are you? I have to tell you something...

I tried to say it cheerfully but I ended up cracking.

I..I'm pregnant Tzuya...I need you...

I wanna cry so damn loud when he didn't respond.

Tzu...you love me right? Please comeback, we're having a baby, please we need you... I need you

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