37. Jealousy 2.0

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Author's POV

"Babe, let me fix your neck tie, it looks so messy. "

Sana said while fixing her clothes that scattered on the floor after she wear it she walks towards her husband and fix his neck tie neatly. Tzuyu smiled at how messy hair his wife too that still look beautiful and sexy.

"I'm so lucky to have a caring, loving, sexy and beautiful wife, Sana. And I am so thankful for that, I love you! "

Tzuyu said and gently stroke Sana's hair that messing up on her face. Sana's heart beat so fast like a train as she feel fluttered at what her husband said.

"The feeling is mutual babe, I love you too. " Sana didn't hesitate to kiss back as Tzuyu pulled her for deep and passionate kiss. They both pulled out and throw each other smiles. You can clearly see how much they love eachother.

"I'm sorry if I can't go with you checking your and our baby's health,babe. You can call me or go to my office after your check up, Okay? "

Tzuyu said and kissed Sana's head as she nodded. They both went to the next room to check Nayu who's playing with her sitter.

"Nayu-ssi, let's go downstairs for breakfast. "

Tzuyu said and carried Nayu who ran towards him.

"morning Dyy... Myy... "

Nayu said and kissed her parents both cheeks. They went down and the sitter just followed them.

"Babe, I'll cook your lunch later, is it Okay? " Sana asked while caressing her bolted tummy. Tzuyu then smiled widely and kissed Nayu's head.

"of coarse, I'll wait for you then. " Tzuyu said and they ate their breakfast peacefully. After they ate,  Sana and Nayu went together with Tzuyu at his car.

"See you later, sweeties. "

Tzuyu said and kissed the girls head. Sana smiled and nodded, she feel sad that Tzuyu will go on to his work again and they will just spend the whole day once in a week,maybe.

They stared for almost 5 minutes when Tzuyu's phone vibrated. He quickly answered the call seeing his dad name on it.


Son, the meeting will start in 20 minutes,where are you?

I'm on my way, see you.

Okay, please kiss my granddaughter for me.

Yes, maybe at wife too dad.

Haha go on.

Okay, I'll hung up now.


After Tzuyu ended the call he quickly kissed Nayu's head once again and a deep and passionate kiss for his wife again.

"I'm going now. I love you! "

Tzuyu said and waved goodbye before he hop in. Sana weakly smiled as the car drove away. Sana get inside while carrying Nayu and quickly took a bath for the monthly check up for her and their baby's health.

After she dressed she went down to cook for her husband lunch and after that she told Nayu's sitter to take her bath as they will go to her dad. Nayu excitedly went to her room that made Sana giggled. While Sana is waiting she's rubbing her bolted tummy again smiling ear to ear.

"See you soon baby"

She mumbled and picked up her phone at the center table. She took a selfie on her own while holding her tummy. She's about to post it when Nayu came and run towards her.

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