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Sana's POV

"Sana, you can call me anytime you want to. I can wait for your 'yes' ".

I smiled weakly and nodded. This is my 3rd attempt to find a guy like what jungyeon said and he is also the longest guy remained in courting me.

"Thank you Mark for spending your day with me!" I said and bowed. He's nice and mature , really a boyfriend material.

"No problem. I actually like you for almost 5 years? But I'm too shy to show up and when I heard you're with tzuyu ,I stopped  and just wait again!" I widened my eyes in surprise. 5 years? That was so long.

"I never had a girlfriend before because I want you to be my first."

"Is i-it okay? I already have a daughter."

"Of coarse, as long as I'm with you everything is fine!"

How can I say no this time? All I want is someone who can accept me even if I already have Nayu. After 10 minutes of talking outside my house we both bid goodbye and I opened the gate and went in.

"Nayu ahh---------"

"How could you leave your daughter just for a date Sana?!"

I feel nervous as I saw tzuyu standing at the door while carrying the sleeping Nayu in his shoulders. When did he came back?

"I...didn't... L-left her alone...she's with Chaeng!" I replied but he ignored it and just looked at me coldly.

"You left her with Chaeng? You supposedly spending your time with her rather on a date! She cried looking for you Sana, how could you?!"

I almost cried hearing it. I quickly run to him and took Nayu but he moved away from me and went inside. I wiped my tears , my knees were trembling and I feel so useless right now. He's right this should be the day that I should spend with Nayu.

As he came back, he glared at me so bad and I can feel how angry he is. I just looked down and cried.

"I can't believe you will choose the date over your daughter!" he shouted that made me startled. "I'll take her home with me"

I looked at her and quickly stood up. "Tzuyu! No please...no ...." I tried to hold his hands but s
he just throw it away.

"Just go and date every guy Sana. I don't care for what you're doing in your life all I want is Nayu's safety." he shouted again.

I feel like I was hit by a track. Those hurtful words really hit me. I can't take this anymore.

"Leave!" I shouted and push him away. Nayu is in the room sleeping so I quickly run at the room and locked it.

Tears falling down while walking towards the bed. I kissed Nayu's head. "I'm sorry Nayu ahh , did you cry?"


I'm walking alone at the mall to buy Nayu's dress. I'm about to get in the boutique when I saw Tzuyu together with Jennie at the side boutique.

How could you make me happy and hurt huh? You're such a jerk Chou tzuyu.

I get inside the boutique and find some dress for Nayu but I can't concentrate. I went out the boutique and get inside the other side where Tzuyu and Jennie is.

"This one look good for you, try this!" I heard tzuyu said as I tried to hear their convo. "Really?" Jennie asked.

"Yeah, you look good whatever you dress like Jennie Kim, come on!"

"Okay fine , since you said it so."

"After this we'll go to the babies station." Tzuyu.

"Yah! Its too early for us to buy clothes for the baby".

Fudge! Is she pregnant?

"Its okay! I'm just excited."

I quickly wiped my tears as I heard it. Wow, chou tzuyu. You hit me once again. You're always hurting me. F*ck you!

I went home after that. I cried almost an hour in my room , Jennie is pregnant? he's so happy for sure.

I picked up my phone without looking at the caller ID as I heard it rang.

Hello? Who's this?


My heart beat so damn fast as I  read the caller's ID . Its unknown.

Where are you Sana?

A-at home.  *toot toot toot*


I went to the next room where Nayu is. I lay down beside her and hugged her before I fell asleep.

I woke up when I feel something heavy in my tummy. I then feel a breathe in my neck. Auh! What was this? As I turned around I was surprise seeing tzuyu looking at me.

"I'm sorry Sana..."

I can feel how heavy my heart is right now. I feel like I can't breathe. Am I still sleeping? Please wake me up, I don't wanna see him for now. I cupped her face to know if I'm not dreaming.

As I saw his smiles I closed my eyes.

"Sana! Look at me!"

I opened my eyes and looked at him as he said so.

As he leaned closer , I quickly looked away and stood up.

"I'll cook for our dinner!" I said and about to walk when he stopped me. "You're not going to cook! Comeback here!" he commanded and pulled me back. I tried to act annoyed.

In no time I feel her lips pressed onto mine. he tried to open my mouth but I stayed it close. I push him away that made h look surprised.

"Tzuyu stop this! This is not right! I already have my boyfriend and you are already engaged." I lied.

Jennie is pregnant and he's going to have their own baby. I should avoid him.

"I don't care! I don't care if you have a boyfriend. You don't love him anyway!" he said and stood up.

"How could you be so cruel? Yeah I still love you and I'm still stuck on you, but you're having your own family soon. I should avoid you, Tzuyu!"

"You shouldn't, Sana!"


"You and Nayu is my own family! I'm going to marry you soon as I promised and we'll going to live together, Sana! I love you!" 


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