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(2 Months after)

"People with HCM doesn't mean you don't have a normal life. It's a sort of but not exactly. Prevention is better that cure, I must say that let her be happy but not too much. Let her enjoy, let her eat a lot of healthy foods but never surprise or shock her. "

Sana and Tzuyu nodded in sync while hugging Nayu not too tight.

"Y-you mean, she's Okay? Her heart is stable and still functioned well? " Sana asked hoping for the good answer and was granted afterwards.

"Yes. HCM doesn't go to death really, I know it's a serious ---no a very serious illness but to her condition right now, it was too impossible to die for her age since she's too healthy and well cared. Just prepare at home an oxygen and medicines if ever her HCM will attack her anytime. "

The doctor said and offered her hand to dismiss them as they already discussed a lot. Tzuyu took it and smiled widely. After two months of diagnoses, luckily everything went fine. They both took a deep breathe and smile to eachother.

"Nayu-ssi you heard it right? You must follow Okay? Mom and dad will going to take care of you, I love Nayu-ssi! "

Sana gently pinched Nayu's cheeks and giggled. Before they hop in the car Tzuyu received a call from nayeon.

Tzu, Jennie is here with her daughter Sanie, they are waiting for you.

Tzuyu smiled after he heard it and that made Sana stare at him.

Yeah, we're heading home. I'll see them later.

Tzuyu hunged up the call and opened the door for Sana and Nayu at the back.

"Who was that? " Sana asked while fastening her belt confused why her husband was smiling and looked so happy.  Tzuyu smiled at her.

"Jennie and Sanie is in our house right now. Ahh I just miss them so much, you know it's been a year. " he answered and started the engine. Sana nodded in response while Nayu suddenly jumped in joy.

"Really dad? Yay, I hope they can stay at our house for a week so me and Sanie can play a lot. " Tzuyu then smiled and nodded many time. "I'll tell them Nayu-ssi, besides dad really miss them so bad! "

Sana smiled. A confusing smile. She doesn't really know how she feel at the moment. Yeah, she own Tzuyu but hearing it from him, feels just like, she can't explain.

As they arrived  Nayu quickly run inside their house while Tzuyu opened the door for Sana first.

"Uhh! Babe, I'll just go upstairs. My head suddenly aches. " Sana sincerely said while massaging her head but before Tzuyu will say yes he kissed Sana's head first and whispered.

"Sure, I'll check you later. I love you! "

Sana smiled and hugged him. They then went inside their house and greeted by Jennie with the seven dwarfs.

"Hiiiiiiiiii!!!! Long time no see! " Jennie shouted and run towards Sana and Tzuyu. Jennie hugged Sana first and Sana hugged back while rubbing Jennie's back.

"yeah, it's been a year. Ahm-, I will just excuse myself Jennie my head is aching. I think I need to rest first. I'll go back later at dinner. "

Sana said and Jennie replied with a nod. Sana smiled at her friends before heading to their room. As she get in, she quickly slammed her body to the bed and drifted to sleep hoping that it will lessen the pain.

"Babe! "

Tzuyu whispered right to Sana's ears and that slowly woken up Sana's sleepy spirit.

"Are you Okay now? You didn't ate anything yet and our dinner is already over. " Tzuyu gently caress Sana's head and left a small kisses on Sana's shoulders. Sana eventually closed her eyes and bit her lips trying not to let out a moan. Tzuyu smirked and went to Sana's neck, kissing and licking it slowly making Sana gulped.

"What time is it? " She asked to stopped Tzuyu from what he's doing. "It's already 1 am. " he answered and kissed Sana's lips needingly.

Sana immediately kissed back with the same intensity and pulled him more closer making Tzuyu jumped on top of her. Tzuyu pulled out and licked Sana's cheeks down to her neck and collarbone making Sana moan in pleasure.

"B-babe... Ahh" she groaned when Tzuyu suck her neck sinfully. His hands starting to explore under her shirt and quickly unclasp her bra massaging her right melon.

Tzuyu went back to Sana's lips and ripped off Sana's shirt and pulled off her pants leaving her with underwear only. Sana then pulled Tzuyu shirt off of him and pulled down his boxer too.

"You're still sexy and fresh babe, I wanna taste you again. Can I? " Tzuyu asked while starting to leave hickeys to Sana's body everywhere. Sana nodded many times and pulled Tzuyu to a pretty deep and passionate kiss.

Pulling out Sana's undies slowly while massaging her right mound Sana moaned between the kissed making Tzuyu turned on even more. He leaned down and licked Sana's clit while his hands were on Sana's mounds still.

"Ahh... P-please... T-Tzuyu... Hmm... " Sana moan arching her back at the mattress as Tzuyu slid his tongue inside harshly .

"Ahh... Harder... B-babe... "

Sana sinfully moan under her breath while pulling Tzuyus head deep into her pearls and as for Tzuyu he keep on thrusting his tongue deeply hard to satisfy her.

Sana is being like a moaning messed as Tzuyu encircled his tongue looking for her spot and as soon as he hit it he thrust his tongue more harder and fast making Sana gripped on the bed sheets so tight like she will going to ripped it soon.

"t-there... Ahh... B-babe... Ahm-... "

Sana stopped from moaning as soon as Tzuyu pulled out his tongue before
Sana could cum. Sana glared at him a bit disappointed but Tzuyu just smirked and pulled out his Wealth.

He positioned himself in between Sana's legs and widened her legs.

He claimed Sana's lips before entering Sana's tight pearls.

"Argh... Ahh... B-babe... "

"Just moan my name baby, come on. "

As Tzuyu said that he unmercifully thrust so deep and fast making Sana gripped more tightly on the mattress biting her lips.

Tzuyu can see Sana's mounds bouncing in sync with his thrust. He lick it and suck once again.

"B-babe... Are you Okay? " Tzuyu asked while still thrusting more deeper making his huge shaft lost in Sana's pussy. Sana could only moan sinfully while gripping so tight in the sheets.

"Ahh... Hmm... You're... T-too... Fast.. Ahh... "

Sana complained but Tzuyu ignored it and fasten his phase, killing Sana in pleasure.

"I'm...there...argh... Ahh... T-tzuyu... "

In one more deep and rough thrust they both came dripping his juices inside Sana making it more pleasurable. Tzuyu kissed her head before laying down beside Sana.

"Babe. Thank you! " Tzuyu said and kissed Sana's lips again. As they pulled out Sana pouted and that made Tzuyu looked surprised.

"Argh. I'm sore, but I want to eat "

Sana said and that made Tzuyu gulped 3 times.

"Okay, I'll carry you then. Wait, I'll take some clothes of yours. I love you, Sana-ssi, my babe, my wifey, my love, my everything and my one and only. "

They both shared a warm kissed before doing what they should do.


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