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Sana's POV

"Sana yaa...*tsup*" I slowly opened my eyes and smiled heavenly , its really overwhelming seeing him every time I woke up. "Tzuyaa..." I said cutely trying to cuddle with him. "Yah! Your naked stop cuddling me or else----" he said while pulling away. I laugh , this is not our first time for damn sake!

"Or else what Tzuya? Come here and kiss me!" he stared at me for about a minute and smirked. "Sana yaa , I can't breathe!" I looked at him confused when he said that all of the sudden. What does he mean he can't breathe if he's calm still grinning at me?

"Huh?" I asked and pulled him closer to me. I was covered with a blanket so no worries. I suddenly feel a glimpse of soft lips in my head. My heart beat so fast , I don't know but I feel something weird.

"I have something for you Sana!" he stood up and took something on her bag. When he lay down beside me again he took my hand and place a ring in my finger. The rhythm of my heart runs 10x. 

"Despite your imperfections, I find perfect reasons to fall in love with you harder every time you wears you flaws makes you flawless. I will going to marry you sooner Sana, no matter what will happened keep this and never let go of us, arasseo? I love you and I will love you and love you forever..." My tears flow nonstop.

Why do I feel like loosing him but I was filled by his love at the same time? What is this? Can someone please make me understand? "Tzuya..." I mumbled, he then wiped my tears and kissed me.

He smiled and kissed me again. I closed my eyes and pulled him more closer.

"Don't you ever replaced me without my permission Sana!" he's not asking but definitely commanding. I saluted and kissed him once again.

"I love you Tzuya..."

"I love you more than you love me Sana!"


A week after.....

I'm in the middle of my dreams when I feel like vomiting. My throat is like going to explode sooner so I quickly went to the bathroom and vomited.

I took a deep breath as I feel I'm going to vomit again, I took almost 20 minutes staying there. I rubbed my throat when I feel like its swelling. What's wrong with me?

I then feel dizzy. "Auh!" I hissed and lay down again to my bed. But then I feel my throat will going to explode once again so I run back to the bathroom.

I suddenly heard a knocked. I gurgled some water and opened the door.

I saw Mina standing while looking at me from head to toe. I brows up my eyes. "Its already 12 in the afternoon ,why didn't you-----"

"WHAT?! 12 pm? Aish!" I hissed when I checked the time. Why can't  I woke up early these days?

"Sana, are you okay? You're always late since Monday, something wrong?" She asked worriedly, I shook my head and say I'm okay. I let her in when I realized she's standing almost 10 minutes outside.

"I brought some foods for you, I guess you eat nothing since this morning?" I nodded and smiled awkwardly. She placed the food at the kitchen and I quickly followed her. "Let me do that! Just sit there!" I said and pulled the foods in me.

As I opened the lunch box , I literally throw the food away and vomited again and again.

"Sana! What's wrong?" I heard Mina asked while rubbing my back. I wiped my mouth using the towel beside me. I then shrugged my shoulders. "I-i actually don't know... It smells like so weird...I'm sorry, I'll just cook for my self." I explained. But I feel confused when she looked at me suspiciously

"Did you feel dizziness a while sana?" She asked. My heart suddenly pounding. Dizziness? Vomiting? Smell's? Woking up late? Is this a symptoms of....

"Are you pregnant Sana?!"

I feel like my knees were trembling I covered my mouth using my hands and shrugged. I don't know...

"I...I d-dont know, I'm not sure..." I replied and turned my back , a tear suddenly fell down.

What if I am?

I'm so nervous and scared at the same time. I'm not sure but I'm happy.

I rubbed my stomach and smiled , Tzuyaa... I hope someone is living in my tummy. You'll be happy right?

"Sana! You should confirm it before everything-----cause tzuyu have to know it.!"

"Yeah, I'll set an appointment tomorrow!" I said and went back to my room. I grabbed my phone and dialed tzuyu's number.

Sorry the number you have dialled is no longer at contact -----

"Tzuya answer the phone please..." I whimpered and dialed his number again but the same voice I heard. What the hell? he didn't contact me since Monday, what's wrong with him?

I feel a sting but I just shrugged it off and just think that he's busy. I dialled Doctor Kim's number my moms best friend

Oh sana you called ??

Ah yes auntie , can I have an appointment tomorrow?

You're having a baby,don't you?

A...ahm... I ... I actually don't know auntie...

Okay...just meet me tomorrow , see you!

I hung up the phone and lay down again.

"You are just busy right? We promised each other , you'll not going to leave me right, Tzuya? But why are you not showing up this days? Don't make me worried please... We'll going to have a baby soon Tzuya..."

I wiped my tears and just shook all those thoughts in my head.


Tzuyu's POV

Every step I take is like a way to hell. I want to step back and just go where Sana is, this is the worst and heart breaking moment of my life, I only want Sana all my life.

"Tzu! Are you ready?" I quickly hugged Chaeng when I feel my self slowly weakened. She rubbed my back as a comfort but it doesn't helped to lessen the pain I feel right now. Should I do this? Or just run away with Sana?

"Chaeng! Please take good care of her... Don't let her cry and make her happy. Don't leave her and just stay with her . Protect her and helped her not to forget me,don't let other guys touch nor court her. I'm selfish I know, but she's mine , I love her and I will back for her."

I said while sobbing in her shoulders.

"I will." Chaeng replied.

"Thank you!"

"Sana yaa...I'm sorry... I love you .... Don't be sick, I'll be back!"


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