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My Pov

"Daddy! "

Tzuyu turned around and he saw Nayu who's running towards him. He smiled. "Good morning Nayu-ssi! " he greeted and kissed Nayu's head. Nayu then pouted.

"Are you not coming to school, dad? " Nayu asked that made him confused. He's off to his office and he doesn't let Sana know because they are still upset to eachother. "I'm sorry but daddy still have a lot of works to do,  why? " he patted Nayu's head while apologising. Nayu pouted once again.

"Didn't mom told you that today is our family day at school?  Daddy please come... " Nayu please that gave Tzuyu surprised. He checked the time and sighed. "I'm sorry I forgot. What time is it? " as Tzuyu asked Nayu's world lighten up and gained energy.

"Yay! It will start at 10 am dad. " Nayu replied while jumping. It's already 8 am and he only have 2 hours for the meeting. "Okay, dad will be there but a little bit late. Is it Okay? " Nayu nodded quickly and kissed Tzuyus cheeks. "Thank you dad! " Nayu said and run to her room. Not long after Sana went out their room and headed to the kitchen to drink water. When she saw her husband she suddenly want to hugged him but Tzuyu ignored her and went out their house.

Sana burst into tears again. She wanted to apologise but she don't have the courage even though she realize that it's her fault. She run out to follow him but sad to say the car wasn't there anymore.

She decided to take a bath for Nayu's family day,  she felt sad going alone in the school but she shrugged it off knowing that Tzuyu is mad.

After an hour Nayu, Riyu and Yuri went out of their room together with their sitters and hop inside the car. As they arrived at the school they went straight to the covered court and rest for about 30 minutes before it will start.

Yuri and Riyu were busy playing at the middle of the court while Nayu and Sana were just watching them when suddenly a man approached her.

"Hi Mrs Chou! " a guy greeted while waving and show off his smiles. Sana smiled back even tho she doesn't know who's the man sat beside her. "Hi! " she greeted back.

"I guess your husband is not around? Well, me too. My wife can't go because she's too busy. " the guy started and offered his hand to Sana. "I'm Kang Daniel" he said and Sana hesitatedly took it. "Sana Chou! " Sana politely said.

"I know! " Daniel said that made Sana looked surprised. "haha don't feel creepy but I have a huge crush on you way back at the academy. " he said. Sana then giggled tho he can't remember him.

"ahh. Nice meeting you then? " Sana awkwardly said and looked away. Kang Daniel just laugh and stood up. "see you around pretty. I have to accompany my kid. " Sana nodded and throw a smile. "yeah sure. " as Kang Daniel left Sana sighed and picked up her phone. She wanted to call her husband but she's afraid to be rejected.

Hours pass.

It's already 10:30 and the programme started.

"Mom! Let's play the sacrace there please? " Nayu requested while pulling Sana at the court. Sana sighed and walked with her.

"I think we can't play with them Nayu-ssi. Look at the rules. You should have your both parents to play. Your dad wasn't here. " Sana sadly said.

"he will come lat---" Nayu was cut off when Kang Daniel entered the picture. "Hey! I guess you both wanted to play but the rules didn't allow you? " he stated and Sana nodded in response. "My son wanted to play too but we can't at the same reason. I hope you don't mind if we'll just play together? Is it Okay? " he asked and Sana quickly shook her head.

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