51. Fortune

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*knock knock*

Tzuyu knocked on Nayu's room for about 13 times but Nayu didn't gave him a permission to enter her room. It's already 1 am but Tzuyu can't sleep as his mind was filled of Nayu's dilemma. He is sure that Nayu is still awake since he heard a little sobs from her room.

His heart and body feels like grained multiple times seeing his daughter suffering at a young age. He loves Nayu so much. Sana doesn't have any idea how badly hurt and missed he is when they are not still together few years ago. Two years not seeing Nayu before is lifeless. He felt empty but when he met his daughter everything turns to something unforgettable.

As a father. There's nothing more painful being far away and now... The most painful part of being a parent is what he feel right now.

Seeing your daughter mesirable and hurt.

"Nayu-ssi can you please let daddy get in? "

Tzuyu gently asked, he breathe heavily and compose himself to control his emotions.

"I'm sleepy. "

Nayu coldly replied while sobbing. She have the urge but she controls it everytime. She just want to forget everything, including her family she treasured the most. Her mom that she thinks the best mom in the world, her brothers that she have taken care and loved the best that she can as a sister and shoulder, and her dad, her ideal type man, a man she thinks the most handsome, caring, loving, perfect dad and the best part of her.

Her uncles and aunties that she thinks her fairy god angels since she was in her mom wombs, she wanted to forget everything about them.

There's nothing more perfect in her life having them. But she we unfortunate having these limited life.

"I miss you, Nayu-ssi! " Tzuyu said holding his mouth. His tears were trying to escape as his voice starting to shake.

"Leave me alone, I want to sleep. " Nayu cried while hugging her dads gift back in her 7th birthday.

"I miss my angel, I miss my princess I miss everything about my Nayu. Please let me in, I want to hug you. " Tzuyu begged as his tears continuesly fall from his eyes.

As when Nayu heard her dad's sobs she stood up and hesitated to open the door. She clearly heard her dads sobs making her bit her lips and opened the door.

She immediately hugged him causing Tzuyu to hugged her tight resembles how he missed Nayu.

He carried Nayu to her bed and caress her hair while they are both crying.

"D-daddy... I'm sorry... "

Nayu apologise and wiped Tzuyus tears. She is sweeter than candy and she's too soft when it comes to her dad.

"I love you my princess, my angel, my baby girl, my daughter and my love. Please...dont leave us. Your mom, your little brothers and me loves you so much and we can't afford to lose you... "

Tzuyu kissed her head as he gently tried to make Nayu understand.

"I know you are tired. I know you want to end everything, I know want to leave us but Nayu-ssi... Don't you love us anymore?  Are you not going to fight for us? You really want to leave us? Because Nayu...  We are not. We aren't tired, we love you, we will fight for you and we will stay with you... "

Nayu hugged Tzuyu tightly and started to cry silently realising how mean she was the past weeks.

"Your mom were crying every night. It feels like her day is not complete without crying worried to you....

Tell me you miss us too... Please... "

Nayu nodded many times her heart slowly aching again but there's a wall trying to heal it and was exchanged by emotional heartache.

"Am I that too mean to everyone? I'm sorry dad... " Nayu stood up and pulled her dad out of her room and walked towards her parents room.

"I want to say sorry, can I get in? " Nayu asked politely whike wiping her tears, Tzuyu smiled for the first time after what happened to Nayu a month ago.

"Of coarse... " he wiped his tears too and opened the door.

And their both hearts sink when they saw Sana hugging Nayu's picture while crying endlessly. Nayu bit her lips and run to her mom making Sana surprised.

"Mommy I'm sorry... " Nayu said as she hugged her tightly. Sana quickly hugged back missing her daughter so much.

"N-Nayu-ssi.... "


"Its hard taking a risk if you know there's only 40% chance to live... But I don't want her to suffer in pain anymore. I won't wait for her time. It's do or die. Even if it kills the both of us too, we'll take the risk. "

Tzuyu said in front of her friends, their parents, and families while hugging Nayu tight. His hands were shaking together with Sana. Sobbing endlessly making your tears remain nothing.

"Me... And Sana... Decided to take her an operation. "

Everyone closed their eyes and gulped.

What if her heart stop In the middle of the operation?

There's only 40% chance to live.

She's too young, she's too fragile.

Everyone thought and a sudden lost of hope invade them. Tzuyu and Sana looked down.

"I know what you all thinking. But as her parents, we... We d-dont want her to suffer in pain every night. We don't want to see her cry, we don't want to see her feeling down. All we can do is to take the risk and accept what will going to happen... Please... We need you, Nayu needs us. "

Nayu cried silently and run to her room. She grabbed her camera and make a video of her self.


"Nayu-ssi are you ready? " Tzuyu asked confidently. Today is Nayu's operation, there's no tears filled her instead it was full of cheers in order for her to have the courage.

"Mom, dad... No matter what will happen please... Don't stop loving each other, don't change, don't fight and understand eachother. I will always be here, I will survive. Promise! "

She raised her pinky finger, Sana and Tzuyu giggled.

"Of coarse. Can I have a favour Nayu-ssi? " Sana asked and kissed Nayu's head while Nayu nodded.

"Think about me, your dad, your brothers, your uncles, untie's, grandma's, grandpa's and all the memories we have shared. I love you so much my princess. " Sana genuinely smiled.

"I love you too. "

"Noona! I love you, fighting! " Riyu and Yuri said in unison and hugged her their Noona.

"I love you my dearest Nayu. " Tzuyu said and hugged Nayu too.

This may be the last time we're hugging and kissing you Nayu. And this may be the worst part when we slowly let go of your lively hands before we hold it cold and life less.

Tzuyu and Sana thought while slowly letting go of Nayu. As their fingers started to part ways a tear fell down their eyes in sync.

Holding eachother's arms. Sana and Tzuyu can only breathe heavily as the door closed.

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