16. Lust

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Tzuyu's POV

I let sana sit on the couch first so I can changed my clothes. I wore what I bought yesterday. I decided to have a date with her for a week. Its more like a vacation. I told Chaeng and momo to tell the directors that we'll excuse us. They agreed as they already know my situation.

After I done.  I grabbed my bag and went out. Sana were taking a nap so I just sat beside her and hugged her waist. I then remember what happened last night.

I can't think any good last night. She's drowning me crazy that I can't even stopped my self. I felt she hugged me back so i smiled.

"Tzuya! Satzu is alone! I'm worried!" Sana said cutely that made me giggled. "She's too big sana! Don't worry about her! We'll make a real one later!" As I said it seductively, I saw her bit her lips and blushed.

"Yah! We can't, we're still young!" She hissed so I giggled louder. She grinned at me and pushed me away!

"But we already did! Someone is now living in your tummy Sana yaa!" I jokingly said that made us both laugh. She pinch my arms so I groaned in pain. "Auh! That was too harsh wifey!" I said she then hugged me and kissed the part where she pinch my arm.

"Aigoo, let's go now Sana ssi!" I said and pulled her up. "Yah! Its still sting down there so be careful!" I laugh when she said it cutely. I want to hear her scream my name again. Haha kidding!


"Babe I'm hungry! We didn't take lunch yet!" She whimpered while holding her back pack. We're going out of town, I really wanted to spend the last two weeks with her. I roamed my eyes to find some restaurant since I'm not familiar here in busan.

"I'm sorry for bringing you here without familiarizing this place Sana!" I said and held her closer to me. She just chuckled and pinched my cheeks. "Yah! Its okay, as long as I'm with you!" She replied that gave me energy.

I saw her bit her lips while her hair was flip by the wind. I gulped. She's so hot. Damn it! I looked away 

"Let's asked some people there!" She said and pulled me to I don't know where.

"Ahm Hi! Do you know a nearest restaurant here?" She asked to a man the same height with me. My eyes Brow's up when he smiled at Sana. "A..ah y-yeah... Just took a cab 8 blocks from here."  He stuttered like he saw a gorgeous angel. I hissed mentally and pulled sana away. He likes her obviously.

"Yah! We should say thanks first!" Sana whined while trying to look back. But I still pull her away and find a cab as the man said so. After we got in to the car, Sana looked at me suspiciously. I looked away. She's so beautiful I can't handle it.

"Why did you just go like that!? That was rude Tzuya!" She nagged like a mom. I looked at the driver as I heard him giggled. "I know!" I coldly said. She slap my arms that made me groaned. "Sana?!" I hissed, she then rolled her eyes and give a big space between us.

Aish! Now, she got pissed!

"Sana yaa! Are you mad?" I asked while moving closer to her. She ignored me and I confirmed that she's really mad. "Aigoo. You're not yet confirmed to be pregnant but your acting like you are. Sana! Are you hungry? Is our baby hungry too?" I asked while cupping her tummy. But she throw my hands away. Jesus! Help me!

I think for what to do for a moment to ease this little argument. Ah! I have an idea.

"If you're happy and you know just clap your hands! Clap your hands!" I clapped my hands like an idiot trying to make her laugh. She looked at me in disbelief trying to hid her smile

"If you're happy and you know just clap your hands! Clap your hands!" I clapped again but this time I kissed her ignoring the driver who's laughing too. I pulled away and she glared at me. "Don't be mad now! Our baby will be ugly like the man you asked a while!" I jokingly said. She giggled and agreed.

"I'm not pregnant so stop assuming!" She said and laugh. I looked at her as I feel my heart stinging. Sana! I can't live without you anymore. What should I do?!


Its getting darker so we went to my parents rest house here in busan.

Its actually a beach and a tourist spot.

"I'm taking a bath first babe!" Sana said and pulled away in my hugged. I sigh and nodded. I then received a message from Chaeyoung.

Yo! Jennie is looking for you!I told her that I don't know. Just spend your last weeks with her happily! Good night!

What should I do? I only have two choice, live with Jennie or live alone?

As I opened my gallery! I smiled when I saw all Sana's picture. Pouting, smiling naturally, craziness and clumsiness. A tear flow down my eyes.

I heave a sigh and wiped my tears. There's no way I can stay with her! I only have two weeks to spend with her I have to make it memorable.

"Babe! I'm done! Its your turn!"

As I looked at sana, my jaw drops and I literally feel hot. Damn! I should control my self. I don't want to leave her much in pain.

But what the hell? My foot lead me to her! She startled of my sudden touch to her arms. "T..Tzuya?" She said stuttering I then lift her up to face me. "Sana... I... I want you!" I said and kissed her roughly. She suddenly slap my shoulders but letting me to kissed her. She response with the same intense and lust. I slowly lay her down the bed and started to ripped the towel around her body.

I think this is a part two!


Mianhae! I'm not good in smuts everyone!😭😭


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