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"I have to go now. See you later."

Tzuyu said while checking his watch and turned his eyes to Sana who's looking at him while laying down on the bed. She then stood up and kissed Tzuyus lips.

"I hope you'll came before dinner. I love you" Sana said and fixed Tzuyu's neck tie a little. He then smiled and nodded.

"I'm not sure but I'll try. I love you too. "

Sana pouted and that made Tzuyu giggled. She's already 28 years old but why is she still so cute and pretty unlike other moms?

Tzuyu thought and kissed Sana's head.

After he greeted goodbyes to his kids he started the engine and drove off to his office. As he walked to his office everyone greeted him 'good morning's with a smile and he nodded in response.

He's about to open his office door when his secretary stopped him

"Sir, engineer Elkie wants to meet you at Leland cafe for some important matters about the new building that about to build. She's waiting at you right now. "

Tzuyus right brows raised.

"Why didn't you call me so I went straight to her? " Tzuyu asked a bit mad to his secretary.

"She just call me 3 minutes ago,Sir. Maybe it's an urgent. I'm sorry. "

The secretary bowed apologising to him he mumbled sorry too and headed back to his car. After 15 minutes he came at the said cafe and went inside.

He wondered his eyes around to look for Engineer elkie and he saw her at the corner. He slowly walked to her and bowed a little.

"Sorry for letting you wait, I was informed just right when I came to my office. " he said and sat down facing her. Elkie smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"It's Okay, so do you want some coffee first before we'll start?" she asked politely and Tzuyu quickly nodded.

"Sure! "

Elkie called for a waiter and told him the order, after it was serve elkie grabbed her iPod on her bag and show Tzuyu the plans.

Tzuyu sipped the coffee first before he turned his gaze at what elkie just showed to him. And he looked awed at how the picture looks so unique and very expensive.

It was a hotel near a beach more likely a resort.

"I asked my co-engineers about this and they all agreed for my presentation. All I have to do now is your confirmation too Mr Chou. So I need your opinion. "

Eventually their eyes met and that made elkie froze at her seat. She can't believe how good looking Mr Chou was. She heard a lot from her colleagues about Mr Chou being a good looking guy but she never thought that he's not only good looking. He's so manly and so perfect when you've got to stare at him.

But Tzuyu didn't notice it and just put his fingers on his chin while looking at the plan.

"It was so very unique Ms elkie. No matter how it cost I will deal with that. Plus, you found a perfect place for it and I am sure that it will be one of the most tourists attraction sooner. "

Tzuyu said and that made elkie gulped. Her heart were beating so fast as if it will explode sooner if she'll going to continue staring at his perfect face.

"ahhm---t-thank you Mr Chou... "

As Tzuyu looked at elkie she suddenly blushed and looked away making Tzuyu worried.

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