chapter 1

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Tooba's p.o.v
"Assalam o alikum buddies. How are you all?

When I reached college I directly went to my crew. Meeting your friends after a week of vacations is dam exciting cause you have many things to share.

"Walikum salam and we are fine. How are you Queen Elizabeth. No messages, no calls ,nothing. Where did you disappear? "
Zara,my bestie slapped my arm playfully.

"Oh ! forget that,I have something to share with you guys. First let's go to canteen."

"Yeah foodie toobi is back."

They just laughed and I rolled my eyes. They again burst into laughter after seeing my reaction.
I was about to move when something caught my attention. I stopped in my tracks.

"Aah you guys go I am coming ."

"Now where are you going?"
Ramza asked.

"I am coming na you guys go I will be there in just 1 minute."

"OK fine but hurry."
Minahil said and they move towards college canteen.

This black car! Again! Is it following me? Whose car is this? Should I go and check?

I debated with myself and after thinking and starring at that car for complete 5 minutes, me being my curious self, moved towards it.

When I was about 10 steps far , that car drove away speedily. I could not managed to see the face of driver but I saw the number plate.


Isn't it strange? Means I am not Obama's daughter why would anyone follow me?

I shrugged this thought but soon realized that I am a girl its not cool if someone is following me.

O what the hell man!! A new drama. Hey! But what's life without drama.

But I am more than smart. I saw small paper in my hand on which number was written. I have this!
Yayyy!! I patted my shoulder in appreciation.

And went to canteen where my minions were glaring at me ready to burst my head. I smiled and put my hands up in surrender.

Rehab's p.o.v

I saw her coming out of her home. She was lookiing gorgeous as always in white head scarf and white frock with white jeans.

I smiled seeing her.

Wait! I am also wearing white shirt. We are twinning today.

I smiled and followed her who was getting in her college van now. It has become my habit to follow her like this ,where ever she goes. I just want her safe.

I will not let anyone harm you and me, myself will not not create any trouble in your life that's a promise!!

I parked my car at the side of her college who was now buzy in chatting and talking to her friends.
Her smile, her way of taking everything was just driving me crazy.
I want her close to me.I want her in my arms and I will make sure that this happen! I will make you mine!!

I got out of my trance to only see her gazing in my direction. She seemed in deep thinking. After thinking for 5 minutes she moved in my direction. When she was about 10 steps far I drove away.

I don't want her to see me ,not now ! At least!

My Mobile rang and my whole attention was shifted towards it.
Seeing the caller I'd a frown made its way on my face.

Yusha calling...
I put the receiver on. Normally while driving I use Bluetooth but today I was in Hury so I forgot to put that on.

"Yes yusha! did he tell you anything?"

"No! But we are trying.."

"Not just  trying! I want the damn information till noon."

"Ohk..OK but if you can come.."

"Alright I will be there at 4'o clock."
I said and cut the call.

Yusha is the best man of my gang and also the second command of "Sharp Shooters".
Sometimes I behave ill with him but being my best friend he knows me and my mood swings.

I drove to my warehouse thinking about Tooba.

Assalam o alikum my lovelies!
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Allah Hafiz

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