Chapter 57

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Chhaa jy khamoshi..
Dunya k sawalon py...
Sb dard zubaa hongey..
Jis din tum aaogy..

Author's p.o.v

"I am telling you Haider if you won't come out in next 2 mins then we will leave you here."
Rehab shouted from Launch at Haider who was getting ready in Tooba 's dad's room for almost 1 hour and was not compelling to come out.

"Its not your wedding Haider. Try  to understand this."
Saom shouted.

"I can bet that Zara and Ramza even hadn't taken this much time in getting ready."
Yusha groaned.

"Shut up!!"

Haider threw cushion on Yusha coming in launch whole dressed up in white Kurta pajama and golden waist coat over it.

"Oyee hoyee such a nice smell. Whose perfu...Zaroon give this to me!!"
Haider started snatching perfume bottle from Zaroon.

"Go and get yours!!! Beggar !!!"
Zaroon didn't  leave bottle.

"Give me...."
In this quest perfrume's bottle slipped from  Zaroon's hand and flew in air.

Asfandyar's whincing sound brought their attention towards him who was rubbing his bruised cheek.

Perfume' s bottle fell in Asfandyar's lap after making contact with his face.

"Oops!!! "
Haider said dramatically.

"Please Mr. HAIDER I don't know what enemity  you have towards me but for Allah's sake have some mercy on me I am still unmarried and don't want to die a bachelor. "
Asfandyar gritted teeth at him who rolled his eyes.

"Tujhy to ma kuwara hi marunga!!"
(I will make you die as a bachelor!!)

Haider murmured under his breath but it was enough audible for Zaroon to hear who glared at Haider.

"Come on we are getting late!!"
Rehab said and thry all stood up.

"One minute!!"
Haider moved towards Asfandyar and took perfume bottle from his lap.

Rehab and Yusha controlled their laugh looking at Asfandyar who was throwing daggers at Haider who was spraying perfume on himself.

After numerous tantrums of HAIDER they all headed towards their cars which were decorated with flowers.

Ramza and Zara were looking hyonotising in their red bridal dresses.

Saim and Yusha were sitting with their brides.

Whole gang was scattered here and there at stage.

Tooba and Haider were pushing everyone here and there just to find suitable spot for their photo shoot.

"Oyee hoyee bhabhi look at this one. You are truly slaying today!!" 
Haider said showing picture of Tooba to her.

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